Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Prettiest Peach Blush...

I can't say that I've ever been obsessed with blush products, given that I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I tend to stick to delicate shades of pink and peach to flatter my skin tone.  As you know, my current favourite is Benefit's Coralista and I used it non-stop during the summer months.

However I have increasingly been feeling that I need to start using a blush that's more appropriate for the autumnal/winter months i.e. a product without any 'shimmer' particles.  As we all know, the light in the winter months can be harsh and it almost more of a white light than the yellow light you get in the summer months.

Chantecaille is a brand that I have never looked into before as it's not readily available at make up counters in Aberdeen, therefore you have to rely on online swatches/colour descriptions.  It's a high end brand with high end prices (this blush product is £23.00 for 2.5g).  I would say that it's definitely worth doing your research before you buy anything as no one likes to spend alot of money blindly on cosmetics just to find out that the shade doesn't suit your skin tone.  I think we have all experienced that before!

This is Chantecaille Cheek Shade in 'Joy'...

This blush is the most beautiful shade of peachy pink and has been formulated to create 'the most subtly convincing blush of colour'.  It has an incredibly feathery light, fine texture that is so smooth, it almost feels creamy to the touch.  This is definitely a blush product that would appeal to Holly, Tali and Aleksis.

This blush contains vitamins A, C and E and has a soft matte finish that looks really natural on the skin.  It doesn't sit on top of your make up and look powdery like some blushers can, it just blends in beautifully.  Here's a swatch so you can see the loveliness for yourself...

I really love the colour and formulation of this product and it does ooze quality however it's an expensive blush so I would imagine it's only one for those who really are blush obsessed.  You don't get a massive amount of product for your money but the product you do get is top notch.  This blush is very pigmented so you only need to dab your blush brush into it to get the desired amount.  It lasts all day on me without having to re-apply (for reference I have combination/dry skin).  The packaging is very compact and really easy to pop into a small make up bag for touch ups so it would also be great for when you are travelling.

So, in conclusion, if you absolutely love blush and love peachy pink tones, then this product is for you.  However, if you aren't too fussed about blush and prefer something more affordable, then I would recommend MeMeMe, Korres or Sleek blushes.

Have you tried anything from Chantecaille?

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