Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Illamasqua - 'The Art Of Darkness'

I woke up today to a lovely package containing 3 products from the new Illamasqua 'The Art Of Darkness' Collection.  There was a note inside from Alex at Illamasqua saying it was a belated wedding present...how lovely is that! I didn't manage to make it to the event in London at the weekend and I was gutted about that as I would have loved to have met all the other bloggers and get a first hand sneak peak at the new Illamasqua goodies.  I'm always fascinated to see what they come up with in their new collections.
The first product is the Powdered Metal in Ether, a pale metallic gold that can be used with a light hand to create a slight sheen on the cheeks or built up to create an intense look on the eyes.  I already have the Powdered Metal in Thalia and I absolutely adore it so I was REALLY excited to see this new edition.  As with Thalia, it's really finely milled and smoothes into the skin perfectly.  I prefer to apply it with a small makeup brush rather than using the puff as this can be too clumsy for the face but it's great if you're applying the product to your body (it's great on the collar bone and done the front of your legs).   
The colour is just so pretty and will be perfect for mixing with my current blushes, especially the peachy shades.  I tested it out on my cheekbones today and it just gives you the most beautiful highlight that catches the light perfectly.  The great thing is that you can choose whether you want it to look like a subtle, natural radiance or build it up to create razor sharp cheekbones for a more dramatic look.  I also use the Powdered Metals by adding some to a drop of Mac Fix + to create a thin paste to apply to the eyelids like a liquid eyeshadow.  This translates into a really intense liquid metallic shine on your eyes and it's especially effective when you apply it to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.
The second product is the Pure Pigment in Ore which is an amazing golden bronze shade.  As soon as I saw this powder peeking through the little hole in the middle, I knew it was my kind of colour.  I'm obsessed with all things metallic and bronze so this is right up my street! I couldn't wait to get my paws into this and see how it swatched. 
I wasn't disappointed because this product is absolutely gorgeous! The colour really is the liquid metal shine I hoped it would be and I can't wait to try out some looks with it.  I adore this!
The third and last product is the Nail Varnish in Scarab - a deep metallic red.  I'm not normally a fan of darker colours when it comes to my nails but because this varnish has a multi-faceted finish, I'm actually starting to change my mind.  
This could be a really nice colour to wear in the autumn and winter months...
I want to say a huge thanks to Alex for sending these products to me since I couldn't make the event and also as a wedding present, they are all amazing!

Have you tried anything from the rest of the collection? What do you think of them?

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