Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Make up Area

My second post for today! Woo, I'm on a role! I just wanted to share my new 'make up area' with you guys...ok, so it's a computer desk that I have loaded up with my stuff but I like to think of it as my 'special place'!ha ha.  
Ever since I moved in with Chris 3 years ago, I have always just sat in front of the mirror and put my slap on.  This isn't the best way to do things because:
a) it hurts your legs (or you get dead legs!)
b) there have been numerous make up spillages on the carpet...eek! 
c) the lighting isn't always great
We have always had a computer desk gathering dust in the spare room and since we have a laptop, we never use the desk.  So...I recently convinced Chris that I should start using it for all my make-up and hair stuff...genius! So we toddled off to B&Q at the weekend on the search for a suitable chair for me to use.  We found this beech effect bar stool in there and it was on clearance for only £15! Snapped that baby up! 
It fits perfectly under the desk so now I have a proper area to beautify myself.  While we were in B & Q, I also spotted a mirror with LED lights so I got that as well.  The desk is actually perfect for storing all my cosmetics, hair products and straighteners etc.  I even have an iPod dock on the table so I can listen to my music...essential when getting ready for a night out!

All my make up palettes are neatly stacked on the top of the desk or slotted in between the storage units.

The pull out keyboard shelf is perfect for storing all my most-used lip glosses for easy access!...
There's a lot of room under the desk for, guess what...more make-up!
I am a bit of a neat freak sometimes so I feel so much more organised now I have a proper place for brings me into a state of calm...sad I know, but that's my OCD burden and I'm happy to carry it!
I don't know why this makes me so happy to see all my stuff all neatly tucked away and organised, but it brought a smile to my face.  Chris doesn't really get it and is very amused at my new play area...he has been banned from touching anything on the table though...boys always want to ruin our fun don't they!

On another note, I am not generally a fan of Enrique Iglesias as his music is normally quite cheesy but I LOVE his new song with Nicole Scherzinger and it has been on repeat all weekend on my iPod.  I have been walking around singing it non-stop.  It's a nice chilled out dance song that is incredibly catchy! You've been warned....

What song is constantly going around your head at the moment? Have you recently revamped your make up space?

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