Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eyebrows...How Much Time Do You Invest?

After watching a vid by nurberxo on YouTube, it left me questioning how much time everyone actually puts into their eyebrows. Do you tweeze them? Wax them? Trim them?

Apart from being beautiful, Nur undoubtedly has enviable eyebrows, I mean they're perfect! You all know I have a problem with my brows in that they are very faint at the outer corners and taper off to nothingness.  This can be a problem as I have to use an eyebrow pencil to go over them, which on some days can be quite a challenge when I'm doing it at 7am and my hands aren't as steady as they should be!  Because my eyebrows are so fair, they don't really need alot of trimming, waxing or tweezing but I do think I could benefit from possibly using the eyebrow stencils that were mentioned in the vid.  I especially like the fact that there's so much variety on the website ( and you can choose from a huge list of celebrity eyebrow shapes to get something that's suitable for you.  There's pretty much everything you need to know about eyebrow grooming on this site.

I will be honest, eyebrow stencils do KINDA scare me because I'm worried they will look false but now that I've seen a few girls who use them and how great their eyebrows look, I want to look into it more!

Have any of you guys used eyebrow stencils before? If so, which ones did you use?

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