Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Update and some Nars

Ok, first up is my little update on life and things.  I reached 700 followers yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to follow/read my blog.  I never thought when I started out last May that I would ever get more than 30 followers, never mind 700! I just wanted to let you guys know that I appreciate each and every one of you.

Another update is that my Slim Fast plan is going AMAZINGLY well.  I have been on it for just over 2 weeks now.  I lost 2 and a half lbs after the first week and when I weighed myself yesterday, I had lost another 2lbs in the second week! I couldn't believe it at first and had to stand on the scales 4 times JUST to make sure! It feels like the weight is just dropping off me and I am so happy.  Basically all I'm doing is the following:
  • Slim Fast shake for breakfast
  • Low Fat Snack (something that's about 100 cals)
  • Slim Fast shake for lunch
  • Low Fat Snack
  • A proper meal for dinner (about 600 cals)
  • Low Fat Dessert
I also go to the gym 3 times a week for 45 minute sessions.  I do 30 mins of cardio and 15 mins of weights.  I find that the best thing to do is try and switch up your cardio each time you go i.e. 15 mins of cross trainer then 15 mins of spinning, then the next time you go, try 20 mins of rowing machine and 10 mins of spinning etc.  This routine, together with the Slim Fast plan has been working like a dream!  I am so excited to see my body changing over time and with 3 months to go until the wedding, I am more than on track to reaching my goal.  When I started out in February last year, it seemed like such a huge task but I've lost 2 stone and 8lbs (36 lbs) in total.  It's hard to believe that I was walking around with that much extra weight on my body!

Now onto Nars...ok, it's official, I definitely prefer Nars Sheer Glow to Nars Sheer Matte foundation.  These two foundations are worlds apart in everything from coverage to consistency to finish (that's me stating the obvious).  The reasons that I like Nars Sheer Glow are as follows:
  • I found my perfect shade match in Punjab
  • It feels lightweight on your skin so it's perfect for summer days
  • It gives my skin a wonderful glow and freshness
  • It doesn't streak and is easy to blend (I have heard that it streaks on other people though)
  • It gives me just enough coverage
  • It lasts for a reasonable amount of time (about 8-9 hours on my skin)
However, Nars Sheer Matte really didn't agree with me at all.  It was cakey, patchy, streaky and the coverage was awful.  It didn't even out my skintone even after two layers with a foundation brush.  I don't want to have to work that hard to create the coverage I want.  In summer, I don't want to waste all my time trying to get flawless skin and miss being out in the sunshine!  I also noticed that the Sheer Matte Foundation is alot thicker in consistency than Sheer Glow.  I just really didn't like it at all.  Summer skin should be all about looking fresh, natural and dewy.  I really should have known by the name that it wasn't for me but hey, you can't blame me for being curious.  Sometimes it's nice to have a soft matte complexion but for me, Nars Sheer Matte was the solution.

Something that I am loving of late though, is the Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight (Kim Kardashian's gloss of choice).  It's described as a sorbet pink and that's exactly what it is.  Although I know that Nars lipglosses are a bit of a nightmare when it comes to the weird smell they omit after a while, I just can't resist some of the colours! Turkish Delight just looks so good on, especially over Mac Angel lipstick.  I have my eye on the newest shade which is called Sweet Revenge which is described as a sheer pink grapefruit...yum! I do like the consistency of the Nars glosses and the effect they give so I am willing to forgive the smell issue.
Nars Multiples are renowned in magazines and what not but I have never tried them before.  My first foray into The Multiples is Copacabana which is a glistening pearl (swatch can be seen below).  The concept behind the The Multiples is for them to deliver translucent, shimmering colour that's easy to apply.  They can be used on the face or body.  I think you do get quite alot of product but I can't help thinking that £27.00 is alot of money for a product such as this.  The consistency of this product is quite creamy and it does apply really easily.  I never apply these types of products directly to my face as more often than not, this deposits way too much product on your skin and will end up looking heavy.  So I use my fingers to dab the product on my cheekbones and anywhere else I want to place it. 
I quite like the colour although I think it looks better on paler skin than on tanned skin because it definitely has cool tones in it.  It's quite a subtle highlighter and isn't immediately obvious on your cheekbones.  I would probably be more inclined to wear this product at night though, since the shimmer verges on being a little too much in the day time.  It's long lasting and pretty easy to blend into the skin, as long as you dab it on with your fingertips.  So to conclude, I do like this but I think it's overpriced for what it is.

Have you tried the Sheer Matte foundation?  What were your thoughts on it?

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