Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Embarassing Beauty Misdemeanors

Despite the fact that I spend alot of time writing about beauty products, watching countless YouTube vids and generally being a beauty obsessed girl, sometimes I really lack common sense when it comes to my beauty routines. I will admit that sometimes I cut corners when I'm tired or just can't be bothered. I would like to say that I am 100% meticulous when it comes to these areas but I think everyone does things that they shouldn't or forgets to do things they should! I really should know better to be honest! Here's a list of things that could be included in my beauty misdemeanors...
1) I know it's stupid and it probably LOOKS even more stupid but sometimes when I use self tan and I know that the only bits on show will be my legs, my arms and my top half, I only apply self tan to those areas. I guess it's really a mixture between being a bit lazy and wanting to use less product so the product lasts longer. I'm sure Chris despairs sometimes but he's the only person who gets to see me naked so I figure, he knows me well enough not to mind!ha ha. Oh dear, I think we're now a little TOO comfortable around eachother to care about these things. Who said romance was dead???hee hee.
2) I know that the trend for nails is short and squared off but I just hate my nails when they are short. I have verylong thin fingers but when my nails are short, my fingers look so much more stubby and I can't stand that. I know alot of people think that long nails look cheap or tacky but I really don't think mine look bad. I do always square them off and I don't let them grow more than a couple of centemetres. I just think my fingernails look so much prettier when they are longer. End of. Also, even though alot of people think that french manicures are strictly for footballer's wives and glamour models, I actually love the look. It always looks clean and fresh and I just prefer them like that. I ALWAYS do my own nails as I don't see why I should pay someone to do it when I do a fine job of them myself (I'm not a cheapskate...honest!).
3) No matter how many times people tell me that washing your hair every day is bad for it, I can't help but do it. I cannot stand any hint of greasiness in my hair, it just makes me feel gross and unkempt. I have tried not to wash it before and I ended up not leaving the house because I felt so manky...sad but true! I know my OCD fairy is to blame for this obsession and it ain't gonna change anytime soon so I will just have to keep using intensive treatments, olive oil and coconut oil to keep my tresses in good condition.

4) Everywhere I look, I hear makeup artist saying "you should never apply bronzer all over your face". Yep, that's another thing I do. I do apply it with a very light hand but the thing is, no matter how well my foundation matches my skintone, I always feel that my face looks paler than my chest and neck so I have to compensate by applying a very light dusting of matte bronzer all over my face. I then contour with a dark powder like the one in the Sleek Contour Kit. This is just how I do my makeup and I like it.
5) I always hear people saying "oh I apply body moisturiser every single morning after my shower" and I always find myself thinking a) who the hell has the time to do that every morning and b) the sticky feeling on my skin would just irritate me, especially in summer. I have tried to be good and do that every morning but I often found myself waiting around for the moisturiser to sink in. Also, in summer in a hot office at work, it just makes me feel horrible. I much prefer to use a shower oil so that it does two jobs in one! It's a lazy solution to the problem!
6) Everyone knows that you are supposed to change your mascara every 2-3 months but I have to say that I don't. I know they say that it can cause eye infections etc but that's never happened to me before (I know that's not the best excuse but it's the best one I could come up with and I'm sticking to it!). I guess I just find it difficult because I love YSL and Rouge Bunny Rouge mascaras and they ain't cheap! So I can never bring myself to chuck them out when they aren't even finished. The only reason I would dump a mascara is if it's no good or it dries up.
7) I really should wash my makeup brushes alot more than I do. I am good with my foundation brushes and wash them alot but when it comes to my bronzer brushes, contour brushes or eyeshadows ones, because I use the same products alot, I just never see the point in washing them twice a week. The more I write this post, the more I realise that I'm quite a lazy person!

So, tell me ladies (and be honest!)...what are your beauty faux pas???? I would love to know!

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