Monday, April 12, 2010

Jemma Kidd Make Up School

I've never tried anything from Jemma Kidd Makeup School before so I thought a good place to start would be to try one of my favourite types of products...a highlighter! This is the Dual Illuminator Creme Highlighter & Shimmer Dust in Champagne. It's a compact, sleek little tub with a cream highlighter pan in the top, complete with a mirror in the lid...
It has a shimmer powder in the bottom section, with a sifter and a teeny tiny powder puff...
The idea is that it's a convenient product to carry around with you when you want to update a daytime look into a more glamourous night time look. You can use the highlighters individually or layer the shimmer powder over the creme highlighter for added intensity. You can use this product on your cheekbones, browbones, down the centre of the nose but also on your collarbones or legs as well. I always feel that the best way to apply creme highlighter is to pat it on the skin rather than rubbing it on, otherwise it can end up streaky. I really like the universal champagne colour which I think would be flattering on all skintones.
I have swatched the product above (creme highlighter on the top and shimmer powder below it). The creme highlighter is very light in texture and non greasy therefore it's really easy to apply. The shimmer powder is so finely milled and delicate, it adds such a pretty sheen to the skin without looking too obvious. You can even used the creme highlighter as a base for your eyeshadow or just use the shimmer powder as your eyeshadow on top of it. It's such a multi-purpose product, it would be really great for travelling or taking on holiday.
The next product is the High Shine Hydrating Glosstick in No.1 (Bridgetown) which is a really pretty, wearable pink-based nude. The packaging for this product is soooo pretty....
I love sleek packaging and the thing that really impressed me about this lip product is the way you release the tube from the outer casing. It has a clicking mechanism so when you push on the bottom of the product, it pushes in slightly and then releases the lipstick tube. It's just a really nice touch that will stop the lid falling off in my bag whch is a real bonus. There's nothing worse than finding a mangled lipstick in the bottom of your bag!
Usually I like to apply a lipbalm to my lips before applying lipstick as alot of them can be drying and just emphasise but with this lip product, I don't have to. It's hydrating and feels more like a mixture between a lipstick and a gloss (hence the name, I guess). It has a really nice consistency that feels really light to wear.
You can see the sheen the glosstick has from the swatch below...

I wouldn't say that this is the most long lasting lip product because you do have to re-apply it after eating or drinking but I really like the effect it gives. I prefer lighter formulations in summer as I don't like to look too 'made up' on hot summer days.
I have been coveting the Crushed Jewel Gel Liners in Onyx (Black) and Lapis (Blue) for ages so I was excited to finally try them out.
However, I was a little bit disappointed when I realised that they were actually clear gel liners with coloured glitter added. I had always imagined them to be metallic shimmering liners with more depth. The brush applicator were also a bit disappointing in that they are prone to splaying out everywhere when you pull them from the tubes.
I could still use them over pencil liners to add a bit more interest but I guess I just expected the glitter particles to be finer. You could layer the liner to get a more intense effect but the glitter particles mean that you can't pack too much of it on or it begins to look too heavy.
It's never great when you have lusted over a product for so long and then it doesn't live up to your expectations.

However, I do really like the Dual Illuminator and the Glosstick and these will definitely be things I will be grabbing this summer.

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