Friday, April 9, 2010

My current obsessions are...

I just wanted to share a few things with you (beauty related and otherwise) that I'm currently obsessing over and loving.
Neutrals - Generally I love to wear bright colours because they can instantly make you feel happier and more summery. However, I have really been getting into wearing neutrals recently and they are all over the runways, especially toffee and caramel shades. These shades can really accentuate a golden tan. My main rule of thumb is to make sure that I add some detail to the outfit, be it accessories or embellishment. I love this dress from the S/S 2010 Lipsy line:
Pineapple Dance Studios - I'm not sure if you guys are all aware of this programme that is aired on Sky1. I think most UK readers will have heard of it but international readers, probably not. It's basically a show that goes behind the scenes at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in London. There are a few people that the show focuses on and one of them is Louie Spence, the Creative Director (and former dancer). He is quite possibly the most hilarious person on TV at the moment and super duper camp (but in the most wonderful way). He always makes me laugh with his outlandish behaviour and constant prancing around. You HAVE to watch this clip of his best bits if you haven't seen him in action...

MUFE Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream - This is my ultimate of all concealers because it means that I can wear the lightest of foundations and use this product to disguise any small areas that need attention. It's waterproof and stays put all day and all night. It's the only concealer that I can completely rely on to last the distance. You only need the tiniest amount and therefore, it lasts for ages. I have it in no.6 for when I'm paler and no.8 for when I have a tan. I highly recommend this! I get mine from and I have found their service to be really good. Cobalt Blue and Coral - I have always loved these two colours and I'm so thrilled that they are back in trend for summer! I will probably wear them to death and the best thing is that I already have lots of things in my wardrobe in these colours so there's no need to buy anything new. I love it when you can recycle things from your closet and love it as much as the first time you wore it.
Accessorize Jewellery - This shop is like a treasure trove for anyone who loves accessories and trinkets. I could spend ages in there just sifting through everything. I love their jewellery, alot of it is inspired by the far and middle east, with bright colours and intricate detailing. I particularly love this necklace which would be perfect teamed with a crisp white shirt.
Clarins Flash Balm - I used to use this before I got into the blogging hobby and I had forgotten how much I liked it. Sometimes I get so caught up with trying new products that I forget about the ones that have always worked for me. I apply this balm as a makeup primer (using just a thin layer) and it really tightens up your pores, creates a smooth textured surface for foundation and makes my skin feel great.
Honeymoon planning - As I said in a previous post, we have finally decided where to go for our honeymoon! We are going on a trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, also stopping off in Borneo and Hong Kong. It all looks and sounds amazing and we're both so excited! I think the most exciting thing for me will be experiencing the culture in general and also getting to see Orang-utans in their natural environment. It's going to be a dream trip and the holiday of a lifetime, I'll be going into overdrive with my camera! We will be going striaght after the wedding so we need to start planning what we are going to do in each place. The most important thing is to have a couple of days after the wedding to chill out on the beach.
What are you guys obsessed with at the moment?

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