Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The PERFECT Self Tan For My Wedding

After trying out loads of different self tans and gradual tanners, I have finally found the perfect product to use for my wedding day glow. I tried Estee Lauder, Clinique, Dove, Vichy, He-Shi, Loreal and St Tropez. I couldn't seem to find the right shade I was looking for which is a natural looking, even golden glow like this...The out and out winner for me is definitely St Tropez Everday Gradual Tan Mousse. It's basically everything I have been looking for:
  • It's a light mousse formula that dries extremely quickly
  • The packaging is practical and non-messy
  • It's infused with Aloe Vera for moisturisation and an even tan
  • It's gradual so you can control the colour (although I found that one application is enough)
  • It has a refreshing smell with no weird scent after the colour has developed
  • It's a colourless foam so it won't mark your clothes or bedsheets

I wasn't sure if one application would be enough to get the colour I was after but it was absolutely perfect. I would say that it's half the colour you would get from a normal St Tropez self tan application (which was sometimes too dark for me). This stuff is so easy to apply and you can do it without gloves. Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards to avoid brown palms! All the same rules apply to this as with normal self tans, in that you have to exfoliate beforehand and also use a very light moisturiser (Vaseline Aloe Vera cream is perfect!).

The other miracle product I have discovered is the St Tropez Tan Detox pictured on the right above. It's a mix of lavender, lemon and hazlenut oils that you add to your bath to soften your skin, whilst the exfoliating cloth you get with it can be used to remove any unwanted self tan build up. It returns your skin to it's natural tone. This product is amazing, I just added 2 cap fulls into a warm bath, soaked in it for 10 minutes and then used the exfoliating cloth in circular motions on my knees, elbows and feet. It removed any patchiness or build up without having to scrub hard at your skin and irritate it. I love this stuff and I can't believe that I haven't used it before. It's not designed to correct self tan mistakes but more to prepare your skin for the best possible self tan results by making sure your skin is smooth, moisturised and free of any self tan used previously. It's best to wait 12 hours before applying any self tan after you have used this product, just to ensure you're getting the full moisturisation benefits and also to make sure there's no oily residue left on the skin (I guess you could just take a quick shower if you're i a rush though). I love, love, love this stuff!

I feel a bit more comfortable now I have found the product that works best on my skin and I can look forward to have the perfect subtle tan on my wedding day.

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