Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Retro Glamour!

I don't know about you but I often watch old black and white films in awe. Those women were just so incredibly glamourous and sophisticated! Now I know that it wasn't effortless and they probably worked on their looks till the cows came home but they just make it look so easy! I love the look of the 40's bombshells...fuller, natural looking brows, slightly overdrawn ruby red lipstick, the pin curl look and pale skin. Everything was just so feminine and the clothes really celebrated a woman's curvaceous figure to the max. Here are some of my favourite actresses of that era...Whenever they do 1940's/50's specials on the Biography channel, I always find myself watching them because Hollywood just isn't the same anymore and that golden era has long gone. The look of that era was perfectly polished and flawless and I guess, being a perfectionist myself, that's what appeals to me. The colours worn in the 40's were fairly basic but they worked on pretty much everyone. I recently found out that a classic trick that Hollywood directors used to get that glowy, soft focus look to the film stars on screen was to smear a very thin layer of vaseline on the camera lens!

The 50's introduced actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, the makeup looks were similar but the hairstyles were slightly more relaxed. I'm always amazed when I hear about all the makeup tricks that Marilyn used to sculpt her face for the silver screen. Even if you would never wear this kind of look, I still think this video by Kandee The Makeup Artist is amazing and she really captures Marilyn's look. Kandee goes through the ways that Marilyn used to contour her nose to change it's shape and I think it's fascinating! I am still trying to perfect this eye look (red lipstick doesn't suit me so I just try to copy the eye makeup because I think it's really beautiful).

I would love for my makeup artist to do something similar to this on my eyes for my wedding day. It's just such a classic look, it never dates and it always looks stunning. I have my trial with her in June so I will take lots of pictures so you guys can see how that turns out!

I'm actually off to the wedding venue in Loch Lomond tomorrow to try out different decoration ideas so I'm really excited about that! I will be taking lots of photos so I will try and post them in the next few days.

Keeping with the vintage theme of this post, I got my hair comb for my wedding day from a really great website They are based in the UK and do vintage-style wedding jewellery and tiaras so if you are looking for anything like that for your big day...check it out. The prices are amazingly reasonable compared to wedding shops where the prices can be astronomical! Even if you're not getting married and you love vintage jewellery, you might find something there that you like, they have loads of cute things. I especially love their really girly Jewellery Stands:

I was recently informed by one of my lovely friends, Fiona, that there is now a shop called The Closet on Jopp's Lane in Aberdeen that sells and hires out vintage clothing and accessories! I need to rush down there asap because I would love to pick up some accessories to add some retro touches to my outfits. Everything in the shop is hand picked so they don't buy things in bulk and they sometimes hold open nights so you and your friends can have a look around whilst sipping on some yummy cocktails. I would love to own some bonafide vintage items!
So which era inspires you the most? Are you a fan of vintage clothing and accessories?

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