Sunday, April 11, 2010

I woke up yesterday with an awful hangover...

It's not big and it's not clever! It was my work leaving night on Friday and I overdid it a little bit! (ok, maybe more than just a little bit...). I got in at around 3:30am and woke up at 9am looking horrendous! My skin was parched, my eyes were bloodshot and it just wasn't good! However, I knew exactly which products to use to make me look and feel human again! This pic was taken at 10am after I had applied them...The most important thing to me is preparing my skin. This applies especially when I am feeling under the weather. The first thing I did was to wash my face in cold water to tighten up my pores and lessen any redness.

1)Then I applied the Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask (you get 10 sachets in each pack, with each packet containing 2 masks). They are saturated with a solution that contains botanical soothers like aloe vera and cucumber. You leave them on for 10 minutes and they can improve hydration in the eye area by up to 40%. I can't tell you how refreshing these masks are, my eyes felt amazingly fresh afterwards, almost like I had applied eye drops as well. It reduced any puffiness and my eyes looked so much more awake and they were no longer bloodshot. They are fragrance free and non-irritating and in my opinion, they are amazing. It did cross my mind that you could just apply a cooling mask, cucumber or tea bags to your eyes BUT the difference with these masks is that you can travel with could use them during or after a long flight, after a long day in the sun or just when your eyes need a pick me up. You couldn't carry cucumber or tea bags around with you! A plastic eye mask requires to be chilled as well so it's not convenient for when you're on the go. I highly recommend these, they are just divine to use.

2) If my eyes are particularly tired then I like to use an eye cream with reflective particles that will lighten up my whole eye area. A great eye cream for this is the Nivea Radiance Boosting Eye one. It's light to apply, refreshing and really helps to make your eyes appear more fresh.

3) I like to use a moisturiser that will plump up my skin when it's dehydrated and looking dull. A fantastic product to give your skin an injection of moisture is Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Cream (I have the one for Normal/Combo skin). This moisturiser is perfect for daytime use because it sinks into the skin so quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue behind. It has such a light formulation but you can feel that your skin is so much more hydrated. Estee Lauder advises that this cream works for 24 hours and it's packed with plant extracts to make your skin appear softer and smoother. It's quite rare to find a moisturiser that strikes the perfect balance between hydration and refreshment but this cream achieves both. Love it!

4) I don't use this product everyday but I prefer to keep it for the days when my skin needs a serious lift. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm has long been voted as a cult product in the media and I really rely on it to tighten my pores, add radiance to my skin and create a flawless base for my makeup. One thing I would say is that you should apply a very thin layer because if you apply too much, you can end up rubbing it off when you apply your foundation.5) My go to foundation when I want radiant, flawless skin is Nars Sheer Glow. I still love this foundation, as do many other bloggers. I love the light consistency and ease of application. You can get the perfect balance between a soft matte complexion with a real glow. Sounds contradictory but that's the effect you get. The most important thing for me is that when you look really close at your skin, you can't even see the foundation. Your skin will remain looking like skin, the texture will still be visible and this creates the most natural base that just looks lovely. It's a fantastic foundation for summer because you won't even feel like you're wearing anything.

6) I like my bronzers for daytime to be subtle, non shimmery and easy to blend. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer in Sunkissed (pictured above) is a gorgeous product for creating a really natural looking glow. As you can see, there are no chunky particles of glitter, which means that you don't get that awful shiny, glitterball look to your skin. It's really easy to blend, silky smooth and long lasting. The compact it comes in is very practical and you also get a brush applicator that's great for when you want to re-apply during the day. It's buildable so you can get the perfect colour. It's also oil free so it won't build up in patches on your face like some bronzers can. This is a great addition to my bronzer collection!

7) Korres Wild Rose Concealer - I have mentioned this product so many times before and I'm amazed that I still have some left because I use it so regularly. It blows YSL Touche Eclat out of the water for coverage and it has the lightest formula. It brightens my under eye circles and most importantly it doesn't look heavy or settle into fine lines. This is my HG brightening concealer and I'm yet to find another pen applicator that delivers the same wonderful effects.

8) You know how much I love my highlighters and although I generally don't get on that well with No.7 products, I was excited to try their Skin Illuminator in Peach. It comes in a tube with a wide brush applicator, that can be locked to stop any product from seeping out whilst the cap is on. I did like that design idea however I think the brush is a bit clumsy for precision highlighting on the face and it can be a little messy.
I prefer to use it by brushing it on the back of my hand and applying it with my fingertips. This ensures the most even, streak free finish. It's very similar in consistency to Benefit High Beam, although it's more peachy toned which I think works better with a tan. It has a light formula that blends easily and creates a gorgeous effect that is perfect for daytime. I was really impressed with how it looked on my skin. Rather than making it obvious that you're wearing a highlighting product, it just makes it look like you have naturally radiant skin. Here's a pic to demonstrate how subtle and glowy it is... 9) I like to really open up my eyes by applying Benefit High Brow just under my eyebrows to create a lift. I also apply it to my waterline to brighten my eyes, I find that the pale pink colour is alot more subtle than using a white eyeliner. You can also apply it to the inner corner of the eyes. I love this product and wouldn't be without it!
10 & 11) I know alot of people who don't really get the point of Benefit Powderflage because they try and use it instead of a concealer. That's not how I use it. I apply my foundation, then my concealer under my eyes. I then go ahead any apply my eye makeup. Only then do I apply the Benefit Powderflage to set my concealer under my eyes, brighten and sweep away any eyeshadow fallout. I like to think of it as a finishing powder for the eyes rather than a concealer. If you think of it and use it in this way then you will definitely see the difference. I really do think it's a great product and I may need to buy up a couple more because I've heard it's being discontinued! My one has lasted for a long time but it scares me that I might not be able to get my hands on more when it finally runs out! I like to apply the Powderflage with my Estee Lauder Blending Shadow Brush. It's a really nice fluffy brush that doesn't pick up too much of the product so it gives the most natural finish.
12) Lastly, I never like to use lipsticks on days like these because generally my lips feel a little dry so I find that the perfect remedy is a tinted lipbalm. My favourite one for a long time has been Korres Jasmine Lip Butter which moisturises my lips whilst adding a gorgeous pale pink tint to them. It almost looks like a lip gloss when you apply it and the best thing is that it's softening your lips as you wear it.

What are your fail safe products when you're all partied out?

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