Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Was Pourcel?s excuse one of the best ever?

D3S99251 220x146 Was Pourcels excuse one of the best ever?

If you watched the GP today from Germany you would have noticed Christophe Pourcel pull out of moto one. Looking at the TV pictures and listening to the commentary from Paul Malin the reason could have easily been a bike problem. That was not quite the case as news came through the pits that the reason he pulled out was he’d forgotten to put his chest protector on – interesting to say the least as in moto two he did the same but up until this point we have no reason why he did so in the second race.

This reminds me of story from years back, I was sat outside a chip shop with friends and the local C90 rider pulled up and went into buy some chips. He took his helmet off and put to the side as he went crazy with the salt ‘n’ vinegar…next thing you know he’s walked out got on his bike and rode off minus his helmet, ten minutes later he’s back casually walked back into the chippy grabbed his helmet and off he went – for some reason when the Pourcel reason came back to us this afternoon it brought back memories of this, amazing.

Earlier in the day Pourcel was back to his old tricks and winning no friends in the GP paddock.
He refused to go to a specially-organised TV interview, saying he had to sleep as the organisers had made him turn up very early to sign on.
He also announced he’s keen at just seeing the GP season out here so he can get back to Supercross in America as soon as possible.

If Pourcel is looking at keeping the fans in Europe on his side his actions this weekend will go along way in alienating a lot of people without a doubt.

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