Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vinales takes 125cc pole in Germany

Maverick Vinales took his third pole position of the 125cc season in qualifying at the Sachsenring.

The rising Spanish star put in a 1m27.477s to come out on top of a tough battle with Aspar’s Hector Faubel, who then somehow managed to stay upright and on the bike during a wild high-speed ride through the gravel as he tried to respond.

The rapidly-improving Luis Salom maintained his recent strong form to put the RW Aprilia on the final front row spot.

Championship leader Nico Terol (Aspar) was back in fourth, alongside Sergio Gadea, who recovered well from a suspension issue that delayed the start to his session, and Johann Zarco.

 Pos  Rider                  Team/Bike           Time       Gap  1.  Maverick Vinales       Blusens Aprilia     1m27.477s  2.  Hector Faubel          Aspar Aprilia       1m27.808s  + 0.331s  3.  Luis Salom             RW Aprilia          1m27.865s  + 0.388s  4.  Nicolas Terol          Aspar Aprilia       1m27.992s  + 0.515s  5.  Sergio Gadea           Blusens Aprilia     1m28.067s  + 0.590s  6.  Johann Zarco           Ajo Derbi           1m28.178s  + 0.701s  7.  Efren Vazquez          Ajo Derbi           1m28.316s  + 0.839s  8.  Alberto Moncayo        Andalucia Aprilia   1m28.344s  + 0.867s  9.  Jonas Folger           Ajo Aprilia         1m28.390s  + 0.913s 10.  Danny Kent             Ajo Aprilia         1m28.626s  + 1.149s 11.  Miguel Oliveira        Andalucia Aprilia   1m28.651s  + 1.174s 12.  Adrian Martin          Aspar Aprilia       1m28.704s  + 1.227s 13.  Marcel Schrotter       Mahindra            1m28.721s  + 1.244s 14.  Niklas Ajo             TT Motion Aprilia   1m28.752s  + 1.275s 15.  Sandro Cortese         Germany Aprilia     1m28.778s  + 1.301s 16.  Danny Webb             Mahindra            1m28.822s  + 1.345s 17.  Zulfahmi Khairuddin    Ajo Derbi           1m28.929s  + 1.452s 18.  Luigi Morciano         Italia FMI Aprilia  1m29.062s  + 1.585s 19.  Simone Grotzkyj        Phonica Aprilia     1m29.171s  + 1.694s 20.  Harry Stafford         Ongetta Aprilia     1m29.226s  + 1.749s 21.  Taylor Mackenzie       Phonica Aprilia     1m29.307s  + 1.830s 22.  Alexis Masbou          Caretta KTM         1m29.446s  + 1.969s 23.  Louis Rossi            Matteoni Aprilia    1m29.450s  + 1.973s 24.  Jasper Iwema           Ongetta Aprilia     1m29.523s  + 2.046s 25.  Luca Gruenwald         Freudenberg KTM     1m29.628s  + 2.151s 26.  Jack Miller            RZT Aprilia         1m29.680s  + 2.203s 27.  Sturla Fagerhaug       WTR-Ten10 Aprilia   1m29.725s  + 2.248s 28.  Toni Finsterbusch      Freudenberg KTM     1m29.739s  + 2.262s 29.  Giulian Pedone         Phonica Aprilia     1m29.825s  + 2.348s 30.  Jakub Kornfeil         Ongetta Aprilia     1m29.905s  + 2.428s 31.  Francesco Mauriello    WTR-Ten10 Aprilia   1m30.227s  + 2.750s 32.  Peter Sebestyen        Caretta KTM         1m30.602s  + 3.125s 33.  Joan Perello           Matteoni Aprilia    1m30.606s  + 3.129s 34.  Alessandro Tonucci     Italia FMI Aprilia  1m31.273s  + 3.796s 35.  Felix Forstenhaeusler  Schwaben Honda      1m31.431s  + 3.954s 36.  Marvin Fritz           LHF Honda           1m31.655s  + 4.178s 

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