Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snippets from Latvia

Our roving reporter Aiste is in Latvia this weekend for the GP, Aiste who works in our London office also races motocross so she knows her stuff.

bobryshev d5774 Snippets from Latvia

Bobryshev set the fastest time today even after falling off early on

So what did you find out today Aiste?

“Clement Desalle is feeling much better this weekend. Although he finished second during the qualifying race, he was very close to Antonio Cairoli.

Bobryshev seemed to be disappointed after finishing in 6th position today but tomorrow is another day and no one knows what to expect from Russian rider. After the German GP last week his family celebrated in a proper Russian way and had a party to celebrate his overall victory. Last weekend he felt what its like to be a winner and he absolutely loved it.

The Kegums track is definitely not the easiest one but I must say that there are lots of places where riders can overtake so all good.

The crowds favourite is definitely Matiss Karro with flags and banners everywhere, Mattis main goal is to be in top ten tomorrow. The Latvian kid feels very happy to race at home and doesn’t feel any pressure racing in his home country. He is glad to have a chance to ride in front of thousands of his fans and will give 100%.

Ken Roczen has got over the cold he’d caught just before the German GP and feels much better today in Latvia. The German kid dominated in the MX2 qualifying races and probably will do the same tomorrow.

In terms of weather the weekend seems to be excellent for racing. Tomorrow is going to be mad as thousands more fans are expected.”

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