Friday, July 1, 2011

Racer X Open Mic: Chad Reed

Chad Reed Racer X Open Mic

Chad came out 3rd overall at Thunder Valley and had this to say to Racer X:

For me, I?m happy to be honest. It?s a tough race track for me. I enjoy I I like it and I really like ruts, I just felt a little off. I threw down one fast lap in practice, but I just struggled to do that consistently in the races. I ripped a holeshot in the alttitude, and I think Hondas have ripped every start here since like ?09. Obviously my bike is fast enough, we just need someone good enough to ride it! I truly feel you learn more on the days when you get your ass kicked. When you?re winning, you don?t want to reinvent the wheel. Today I know there were improvements that we need to make, and I think we can make them. But I?m excited to get after it and try some things this week and come back to Red Bud.

I was the third place guy, those guys had a great pace going, and I wasn?t that comfortable going that fast in these ruts. That?s an area I have to work on. In practice they were soft and wet, and in the race they kind of dried up. I think I got caught off guard by that.

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