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Race Report ? Millville National


Words by Michael Antonvich
Photos by Steve Emter

Spring Creek 2011
After a one week vacation, the Lucas Oil AMA Outdoor National Championship series picked up just west of where it left off in Michigan at Spring Creek Motocross in Southern Minnesota. It was evident that we are well in the muggy months of summer, as the riders not only had to battle one another and the track itself, but also an oppressive amount of humidity. In the Lites class, a green Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki has finished on the top step podium in each one of the first twelve motos of the season, and today was no different, with a 1-2-3 Pro Circuit sweep. Meanwhile, the 450 class points battle between the two Ryan?s of Rockstar Makita Suzuki?s Ryan Dungey and Monster Energy Kawasaki?s Ryan Villopoto, and TwoTwo Motorsports Chad Reed tightened up after Dungey scored the overall at his hometown race. And lest we forget the WMA championship, as the war between Factory Honda rider and point leader Ashley Fiolek and DNA Shred Stix Yamaha Jessica Patterson raged on, with Patterson scored another win for the season. With the anticipation now built, let?s get down to the details from Millville, MN.

250 Moto One
After following DNA Shred Stix Yamaha rider Kyle Cunningham into the first turn, Dean Wilson maneuvered his Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki into the lead during the early stages of the moto. His teammate, Tyla Rattray, quickly followed suit, snatched second place from Cunningham, and set his sights on Wilson. The two would spend the remaining minutes distancing themselves from the pack while still locked in a battle for the lead. As the white flag flew, Rattray found one last burst of speed and closed in on Wilson?s rear fender. They were just feet apart over the final two jumps that make up the finish line straight, but Wilson hung on and took the first moto victory.

250 Moto One Results
1. Dean Wilson
2. Tyla Rattray
3. Blake Baggett
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Gareth Swanepoel
6. Broc Tickle
7. Alex Martin
8. Darryn Durham
9. Wil Hahn
10. Martin Davalos
11. Malcolm Stewart
12. Matt Lemoine
13. Ryan Sipes
14. Jason Anderson
15. Gannon Audette
16. Les Smith
17. Hunter Clements
18. Nick Paluzzi
19. Lance Vincent
20. Austin Howell

250 Moto Two
Kyle Cunningham again crossed the stripe ahead of the bellowing pack of small bore bikes for his second holeshot of the day and was off with the early lead. After trailing Wilson for the entire duration of the first moto, Tyla Rattray was determined to take the checkered flag and overall in the second race of the day. After making short work of Cunningham, the South African displayed his strength and stamina with a healthy and unchallenged lead over teammates Wilson and Baggett. Baggett?s ride from a mid-pack start to a solid third place allowed for yet another Pro Circuit podium sweep.
Geico Powersports Honda rider Justin Barcia was dealt yet another injury at the seventh round of the series when a get off on a flat, fast straightaway had him ushered to the Asterisk Medial unit with what was suspected to be a broken nose. He would later line up for the second moto and soldier on for a sixth place finish and twelfth place overall.

250 Moto Two Results
1. Tyla Rattray
2. Dean Wilson
3. Blake Baggett
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Alex Martin
6. Justin Barcia
7. Eli Tomac
8. Wil Hahn
9. Broc Tickle
10. Gannon Audette
11. Jason Anderson
12. Gareth Swanepoel
13. Travis Baker
14. Cole Seely
15. Martin Davalos
16. Nick Paluzzi
17. Scott Champion
18. Josh Clark
19. Les Smith
20. Kody Kamm


250 Overall Results
1. Tyla Rattray
2. Dean Wilson
3. Blake Baggett
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Alex Martin
6. Broc Tickle
7. Wil Hahn
8. Gareth Swanepoel
9. Gannon Audette
10. Jason Anderson
11. Martin Davalos
12. Justin Barcia
13. Eli Tomac
14. Darryn Durham
15. Malcolm Stewart
16. Matt Lemoine
17. Travis Baker
18. Nick Paluzzi
19. Ryan Sipes
20. Cole Seely

250 Point Standings
1. Dean Wilson 305pts
2. Tyla Rattray 289pts
3. Blake Baggett 284pts
4. Kyle Cunningham 199pts
5. Eli Tomac 190pts
6. Broc Tickle 170pts
7. Justin Barcia 152pts
8. Gareth Swanepoel 145pts
9. Martin Davalos 128pts
10. Darryn Durham 122pts
11. Cole Seely 119pts
12. Alex Martin 102pts
13. Malcolm Stewart 99pts
14. Nico Izzi 91pts
15. Gannon Audette 89pts

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