Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oulton BSB: Hornsey continues to impress in debut season

Hornsey over joyed with unexpected results

By BSB Reporter Tammy Milsom
Image by Bonnie Lane

Hornsey Steel’s Sam Hornsey continues his impressive pace in his debut year into the Fuchs-Silkolene British Supersport at Oulton Park this weekend with him qualifying as the third fastest cup rider.

Hornsey took the leap into the category after riding 125cc’s for four years skipping the usual Superstock stepping stone and has done nothing but prove the decision to be right.� Hornsey goes into this round third in the cup championship after standing on the podium which includes two wins.� This already exceeds the previous expectations for the whole season and that was to finish in the top six of five of the cup championship overall.

Reviewing his season so far, he said: “The start of the season went really good, it’s been better than we ever expected for our first season. There have been highs and lows in the last couple of weeks, but we are getting through it. I am just enjoying the Supersport Cup, hopefully we will give it a good crack in the main championship next year.”

“I am just learning bits; this and that from all the top riders and just having a crack at doing our best in the top 15, top ten in the main championship next year and have a good crack at the championship the year after.� I didn’t want to do Superstock, I just jumped into the deep end. People seem to find it hard jumping from the125 to a 600�but I think it’s a personal preference and the triumph is one of the best bikes to learn from. We went straight to Triumph because of the discount and we have more plans coming up for Brands but can’t reveal yet. At Brands you will see a difference.”

This weekend the team has had a couple of minor problems with the motor because of which they swapped the engines to sort the problems.�� Hornsey, who loves the wet, has been unphased by the wet and at a track where he won the one of the BSB�Cup races here earlier in the year, complimented by also a second, it should be a good couple of races ahead fo the Bucknell rider.

Reminiscing about his two stroke days, he said: “I do miss the 125cc, it’s the only proper race machine that is around nowdays even though it is dying out. I do miss it sometimes, I will have a bit of a play have a quick go now and then but the 600cc’s are the bikes of the future.”

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