Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MCN Sport: Stoner on his searing speed

Stoner explains how in MCN Sport

Stoner explains how in MCN Sport

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12 July 2011 11:32

There’s fast, and then there’s Casey Stoner. Wet, dry, hot or cold, Stoner is so instantly quick he’s been branded a freak of nature, and even his MotoGP rivals admit the 25-year-old is unmatched for sheer raw speed.

MCN Sport sat him down, showed him pictures of himself riding and asked him a simple question… How?

Stoner examines his braking, sliding and leaning techniques and compares life at Ducati with Honda in the latest issue of MCN Sport, on sale now.

Red Bull captured Stoner at 1000 frames per second providing a great view of the Australian geting crossed up whilst skimming his elbow on the kerb.

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