Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learners told: ?Wear bike kit or test will be cancelled?

By Steve Farrell -

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11 July 2011 12:50

Learner motorcyclists not in proper bike kit including boots and gloves face being turned away from their test.

The Driving Standards Agency has told examiners they can turn away candidates not ?appropriately? dressed in at least heavy denim.

Examples of kit deemed inappropriate include skiing gloves, ripped jeans and trainers.

A sign in test centres tells examiners: ?From 1 July, you may inform those candidates who arrive inappropriately dressed that their test won?t go ahead.� However where possible you should offer them the opportunity to find appropriate clothing within the time available.?

Examples of the ?minimum level of clothing acceptable? include motorcycle boots and gloves and textile jacket and trousers.

It follows ?several cases where motorcycle candidates have arrived unsuitably dressed for the practical test ? such as wearing lightweight nylon shell suits, lightweight canvas training shoes or wearing no gloves.?

Ian Mutch, president of the Motorcycle Action Group, said: ?It?s part of a whole wave of coercion which could act as a precursor to legislation. We?ve seen it with police stopping riders and handing them day-glow vests.

?It?s not a legal requirement to wear day-glow or denim or anything other than a helmet.?

A DSA spokeswoman said: “We are not insisting that test candidates wear expensive protective gear, however examiners cannot condone the practice of riding a motorcycle or scooter whilst wearing wholly inappropriate clothing.”

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