Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Grand Prix of recovery?

Only three weeks after the Grand Prix of Turkey and Greece, the MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship is back in Romania, in the charming city of Buzau.For the first time, the International Motorcycling Federation has entrusted the organization to the Moto Club Sportiv Extreme Adventure and Federatia Romana Motociclism. The Moto Club chaired by Florin RADU is not at its first organization of an Enduro race. Since 2007, it organized the Romanian Extreme Adventure that takes place during six days. This year this rally will take place only one week after the Grand Prix. The Motorcycle Club has also organized many races of the Romanian Championship and also the Off Road Arena in 2009.The Moto Club Sportiv Extreme Adventure has drawn a track of 74 km to cover 3 times per day. The Paddock will be located in the city center of Buzau on Piata Dacia, the main square of the city. The Enduro Test will be located at Sarata Monteoru (about 10kms from the paddock), while the Cross Test and the Xtreme Test will take place close to the town, at Maracineni. Like in Turkey, there will be no KTM Super Test on Friday night.Romania a haven conducive to EnduroBuzau is a town of more than 134 000 inhabitants located in eastern Romania, in the surrounding of Muntenia. This gorgeous town with its monastery and its magnificent Town Hall is crossed by the Buzau River, which gave its name to the city, and is thirty kilometers to Berca mud volcanoes. After the Etna in Sicily, other volcanoes will be the privileged place of the first Romanian Grand Prix of the MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship.In Enduro 1, Juha SALMINEN (SF – HVA) has confirmed its first place during the two previous Grand Prix, however, he is not safe from a possible return of its competitors. His compatriot and teammate Matti SEISTOLA (SF – HVA) could fight with him for the first place. The third robber Eero REMES (SF – KTM) has suffered a lot during the last two Grand Prix but he is still in the title race and could also join in the fight for the first place. The nice come back of Rodrig THAIN (F ? HM Honda) in Greece could be confirmed during the weekend. While we expect more from Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E – KTM) and Nicolas DEPARROIS (F – Kawasaki).In the Enduro 2 class, the hunting of Antoine MEO (F – HVA) goes up a notch. The Provencal, "somewhat favored by fate" in Greece will have to avoid errors during the Grand Prix MAXXIS of Romania if he doesn’t want to see the pack of competitors put pressure on him late in the season. This pack of revengers will be led by the Spanish duo Cristobal GUERRERO (E – KTM) and Ivan CERVANTES (E – Gas Gas) which completes the provisional and will have to undermine the dominance of the Frenchie. After mechanical problems in Greece, Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F – Husaberg) should give everything to be back in the race to the podium. For their part the Italian Simone ALBERGONI (HVA) and the French Antoine BASSET (Yam) will try to play the spoilers. Johnny AUBERT (F – KTM) will not participate in this Grand Prix due to an injury suffered in Greece.Kurt CASELLI: A special referee for the Enduro 3After his brilliant Grand Prix of Greece, the new darling of the World Enduro Kurt CASELLI (USA – KTM) will again play spoilsport during the Grand Prix. This should give to the duel Mika AHOLA (SF – HM Honda) – Christophe NAMBOTIN (F – Gas Gas) more spicy. The four-time world champion will attempt to take over the points left on the French in Greece. For his part the official Gas Gas will try to enchain a new doubled like in Greece to be closer to the Finn in the title race. But the Husaberg trio (LJUNGGREN, MENA, TARKKALA), led by a Joakim LJUNGGREN (SF) in constant progression, wants also to get involved in this fight. The two HVA officials Sebastien GUILLAUME (F) and Alex SALVINI (I) will do anything to save their season and the season of HVA in the Enduro 3 class. In Enduro Junior, Jeremy JOLY (F – HM Honda) will have to stand firm in his first place already coveted by Mario ROMAN (E – KTM) and also the former number one Antti HELLSTEN (SF – KTM) who returns from injury and intends to resume his property. Jonathan MANZI (I – KTM) and Romain DUMONTIER (F – Yam) will aim to get back on the podium and fight for the first places, while Benoit FORTUNATO (F – YAM) will be a little bit the “national” of the race as he knows the area well as he gives many courses to Enduro Romanian riders .After the Turkish Aegean coast, the Greek meteors, the caravan of the EWC will face the mud volcanoes and the dark forests of Muntenia.So many beautiful and intriguing landscapes that the stars of the World Enduro will not have the leisure to enjoy because of the issues of each category. This Grand Prix MAXXIS of Romania, sixth in the 2011 season could have a revival role in the various races for the title.Information:- Buzau (Muntenia Region)- 110km northeast of Bucharest (nearest airport)- Saturday 9 and Sunday, July 10: 9:00 am departure and arrival at 5:00 p.m.- Websites: www.enduro-abc.com and www.extremeadventurebuzau.ro- Circuit: 74km – 3 laps- Free admission
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