Monday, July 11, 2011

French riders kings of Romania

The curtain has finally fallen on this first ever MAXXIS Grand Prix of Romania, to the relief of the 68 participants who suffered the heat greatly in this 6th stage of the MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship. The Moto Club Sportiv Extreme Adventure and its president, Florin RADU have won their bet that this first Romanian Gran Prix would be one of the best of the season. According to all, the specials weren’t particularly hard, but the technical aspect added to the crushing heat, again over 40 degrees today, put the riders’ endurance to the test. Thanks to the weather, the spectators were able to enjoy the specials, a great show put on by the riders, but also the numerous falls that were not only spectacular, but also prophetic for the riders. The most debilitating falls were surely in Enduro 1 and Matti SEISTOLA (FIN – HVA), with his two falls in the Cross Test, lost all hope of winning again and found himself in 9th place. A sad fate for the one who seemed able to thwart Juha SALMINEN’S (FIN – HVA) plans. The Finnish legend therefore took advantage of his errors and won the day once again regaining some lead in the provisional league. Ahead from the very start of the race, his experience and technical prowess allowed him a fantastic win on Romanian soil. The third Finn, Eero REMES (FIN – KTM) also took advantage of SEISTOLAS’s errors and came in in second position. Rodrig THAIN (FRA – HM Honda), valiant yesterday, climbed to third place on the podium and showed that he is one to be watched in this category. Julien GAUTHIER (FRA – TM) finishes just below the podium but ran a good Romanian GP. Lorenzo SANTOLINO (ESP – KTM), overtaken by the Finnish and French armadas, finished in 5th position. In Enduro 2, a great duel between Pierre-Alexandre RENET (FRA – Husaberg) and Antoine MEO (FRA – HVA) ending with a victory for the Husaberg rider, who can finally breathe a little more easily and can rest assured that his technical problems are no longer an issue. MEO, well-placed throughout the weekend, but never victorious, regains precious points on Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP – KTM) who finishes 3rd. Ivan CERVANTES (ESP – Gas Gas), just like yesterday, was unable to achieve a podium finish and is again 4th. Antoine BASSET (FRA – Yam) finishes in 5th place and has shown encouraging progress in this Romanian weekend, which should continue throughout the season. In the Enduro 3 category, Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA – Gas Gas) confirms his incredibly good form with a 4th consecutive victory. And for the fourth time in a row, Mika AHOLA (FIN – HM Honda) was unable to stop his direct opponent earning points towards the title. The quadruple world champion finishes second. But the Frenchman, is only 23 points behind the Finn and there are still 4 days remaining ? the end of the championship in Enduro 3 will be a very exciting one. Sebastien GUILLAUME (FRA – HVA) completes the podium and gains in confidence after a first half of the championship littered with injuries. Kurt CASELLI (USA ? KTM) finishes 4th, encountering difficulties from the very first special and was then unable to make up lost time. The Swede Joakim LJUNGGREN (SWE – Husaberg) enters the Top 5 classification, at the expense of his teammate, Oriol MENA (ESP – Husaberg). Romania creates a successful environment especially for the young French since it is Romain DUMONTIER (FRA – Yam) who, after his pleasing third place yesterday, finishes today on the highest step of the podium in Enduro Junior. J�r�my JOLY (FRA – HM Honda), who finishes third, loses some points to his opponent Mario ROMAN (ESP – KTM). The young spaniard, in excellent form since Turkey, finishes again in second place. The winner of the first day, Mathias B ELLINO (FRA – Husaberg), finishes 4th, whilst Benoit FORTUNATO (FRA – Yam) ahead in the first few specials, finishes in 5th place further to a fall in the Enduro Test. In the Youth Cup 125 cc, Benjamin HERRERA (CHI – KTM) finishes first ahead of Jonathan MANZI (ITA – KTM) and Luis OLIVEIRA (POR – Yam). This 6th Grand Prix is now over and leaves us with a month and a half break, giving the riders the chance to recoup, and starts again on the 3rd and 4th of September for the penultimate stage of this 2011 season. Rendez-vous in Sant Julia for the next stage of the EWC.
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