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Evgeny Bobryshev interview ? Team Player

Russian Giant Evgeny Bobryshev is one cool dude. Super relaxed and a funny guy it?s always nice to see Bobryshev on the podium because he knows all about giving it 100% and also having fun. His wide smile makes for a good sight as he continues his climb to the top of the Grand Prix podium.

Already a couple of third place finishes and now second place in last weekend?s Grand Prix of Sweden the Honda World Motocross team rider seems to be closer than ever to his final dream of being the first Russian to win a Grand Prix since the early 1980?s.

We caught up with Evgeny as he celebrated his second place finish in the Honda World Motocross team tent and he told us about his recent form and what it might take to actually win a GP.

MXlarge: Evgeny, congratulations on a great result. Can you tell me about your weekend?

Bobryshev: For the qualification race on Saturday I had a good start, but the ground was hard and slippery and I was slipping all over the place, and I crashed, but I finished 8th which was okay. Sunday was amazing, the first race I had a good start and I passed Rui on the second lap, then I pulled away, but Frossard was behind me and I couldn?t get away from him. I would get away and he would come back, the whole race like this. In the beginning I was doing like 49?s and in the middle I was doing like 51?s and I couldn?t find my rhythm, but then at the end of the race I came back to 50?s and 49?s. I finished second in the first moto, and I was thinking push, push, but I couldn?t do that because for sure I would have crashed.

MXlarge: You didn?t have the same safe passage to the first corner in the second moto though did you?

Bobryshev: The second race everyone was pushing me from left to right, you know all over the place, I was like take it easy boys; I was like shit I am so far away. I got the pit board saying I was in 18th place and I was like, okay Evgeny, take it easy, relax, it?s a long race, I like the track and I had the speed, so I didn?t panic. So I was coming back and the guys show me the board, I have to pass Ramon to get on the podium. I was thinking I need to just pass more riders, I knew if I was passing guys I had a chance to be on the podium.

MXlarge: Did you get tired at all after such a charge through the field? You seemed to have little trouble passing Steve Ramon and Ken De Dycker, but then your progress slowed down a little.

Bobryshev: When you get tired you get tired, there is nothing you can do about that. I felt good, I had good lines and I had a good place to catch and pass guys, like where I passed Ramon and De Dycker. Then I tried to come to Philippaerts, but he was a little quicker and I finished second overall.

MXlarge: And another podium finish. How good was that?

Bobryshev: You know what is good about second place; you can see more when you stand on the podium. I want to finish first, then you are at the very top of the podium the view must be very good.

MXlarge: There seems to be a really good vibe with the team at the moment, can you feel that?

Bobryshev: We are working all together and that is so good. I have more confidence at every race, if I have a free weekend I also try and race. For me base training is at the races. I really like this team, we are working so well. I also want to thank my Russian sponsor, he was in Sweden, and it was really good weekend. Everyone was supporting me.

MXlarge: Last year in Latvia you had your best race of 2010. Can you win the GP in Latvia?

Bobryshev: Many Russians will come to Latvia, but I am not thinking about winning a Grand Prix there, just race by race. First we have Germany and for sure I like that and I also like Latvia, but you never know what will happen. I mean you can crash in the first corner and it?s over for an overall, I just see what happens.


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