Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why reading magazines is bad for my wallet!

I have had a wonderful Saturday morning padding around the apartment, surfing the net, watching my guilty pleasure programmes on Sky Plus, blogging and sifting through the latest copies of Marie Claire and In Style. I love lazy weekends!

Reading magazines always gets me into trouble with my bank manager because I always end up spotting things that I really want...some are realistic and some, not so much (we're talking a lifetime of saving all my cash before I could afford them!). But a girl can dream can't she...

I felt compelled to share some of these images with you:
The perfect Dune sandals with a slight heel to take me into summer...

I'm loving the makeup and super big hair in the new Guess fabulous!:This new Empreinte De Chanel Highlighting Radiance Powder is stupidly expensive (as is most Chanel makeup) but it's so beautiful, I'm just mesmerised by it!...There are many designer bags that I covet but at the moment this fuschia Gucci bag is top of the lust list (I'll be lusting a long time for costs thousands and thousands and...)Who would have thought that sheer black glitter ankle socks could look so good! Dior have outdone themselves with this amazing hot pink sheer dress ensemble complete with bows (but let's be real life, there would have to be a nude coloured slip added to this outfit!)What inspirational beauty/fashion images have you seen lately? How are you spending your Saturday?

All images are courtesy of Marie Claire and Google Images.

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