Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MAC Haul!

I was NOT impressed when I came home to find the DHL man squashing my precious MAC package through the letterbox! I almost snatched it off him! That really annoyed me that he was taking no care whatsoever with my goods...I mean, I have paid a handsome sum for these products and he was haphazardly forcing them through the door! He just said "well, you weren't in...so what was I supposed to do?"...eh, deliver it to a neighbour...leave a card! What an idiot! Ok, grumble over...but if he had shattered any of the products, I would definitely have been making a complaint!

Ok...I'm back in my happy place now...here are my goodies... I had a real urge to splurge so I got:

E/s in Crystal, Mulch, Honey Lust, Shimmermoss & Gesso
Lipstick in Pretty Please
Lipglass in Pink Lemonade
Penultimate Eye Liner
Moisturecover Concealer in NW20
Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz
Cremesheen Glass in Fashion Scoop
Lip Pencil in Naked Line
Paint Pot in Soft Ocre
I had wanted to get Gesso ever since I saw the amazing look that Alpha Blonde a.k.a. Aleksis created with Parfait Amour e/s. I can't wait to play with it now! Everyone talks about Mulch being a gorgeous brown and it really is. I wanted to get Crystal to complete my purples collection...it will be a great base for a purple smokey eye!
Shimmermoss has always appealed to me. It's just such a lovely colour and I think Gesso could also be used with this to create a really interesting look for summer! Honey Lust just looked so pretty on some of the swatches that I had seen...it would be rude not to get it!
I looooove the Fashion Scoop Cremesheen, it's such a pretty baby pink colour and a perfect gloss to go over Pretty Please. I really like the consistency of these, they really do live up to their name! I may have to get a back up because I just know this will end up being a fave of mine. The Pink Lemonade Lipglass was alot brighter than I anticipated but I love it all the same. It will be gorgeous in the summer months worn with Honey Lust eyeshadow and golden skin.
Pretty Please is a lovely subtle glaze of a lipstick, just a touch of girly pink. It's another lipstick that can only be applied to really smooth lips though. Better get the lip scrub out again! I have wanted to try a MAC lipliner for a long time to see how they compare to my fave Estee Lauder ones. I really like the super natural colour of Naked and it will be perfect for accentuating my pout without looking too obvious.
Since I love Fluidline in Blacktrack so much, I have been coveting it's disco cousin...Blitz and Glitz! It is shot with gold pearl so it will be perfect for nights out on the town when I want a bit of extra glamour. I just HAD to pick up another Penultimate Eye Liner as it's just the easiest way to create neat flicks at 6:30am in the morning. A couple of my friends have tried it and love it too. I always think it's great for beginners.
I had seen Kandee The Makeup Artist talking about how Soft Ocre is the best Paint Pot to buy, rather than Painterly as Soft Ocre is yellow based and is better for covering up redness on the eyelids and just brightening the eye area overall. I guess this makes sense since Painterly is more pink based. I will be trying this out soon to test the theory! I have heard so many people raving about Moisturecover Concealer that I finally caved in and got it. A review will follow in the coming days!
I always get so excited when I know I'm getting a MAC package in the post! Let's hope that next time the DHL guy refrains from trying to crush all my lovely products!
Have you experienced anything like this before?

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