Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Quest For Beautiful Lashes And Brows

Unfortunately, I have fine hair which means I’ve never been blessed in the lash or brow department. Before I started using Revitalash , my eyelashes were pretty pitiful to be honest. They were sparse and not very long but after around 6 months of alternating between one month of Revitalash (applied every night) and the next month using Loreal Lash Renewal Serum (also applied every night), I was really impressed with the results they gave me as a combination. I found that Revitalash only added length whilst the Loreal serum gave me the volume I wanted.
The reason I alternated between these two products instead of just using the Revitalash was that if you used it too much i.e. for more than a couple of months at a time, then you do start to notice that you are shedding more eyelashes than normal. Nothing scary, just maybe a couple more than normal every day. I didn’t want to lose ANY of my new found glossy lashes so I decided to stick to alternating. I have had a lot of compliments in the past couple of months, both on my blog and from people I know. My lashes are now really long and reasonably thick (I would like them thicker!) but a couple of coats of a good mascara such as my fave, YSL Singulier can sort that out!
Since the Revitalash worked so well for me, I was excited beyond belief when I heard they had now released a similar product for brows called Revitabrow! Everyone knows that nicely shaped eyebrows frame your face and define the eyes. It’s amazing how much difference they can make so I want mine to be at their full potential.
My problem with my brows is that they are so blonde that they taper off to what looks like nothing, so I always have to fill them in. This can be tricky getting them exactly symmetrical when I’m in a hurry and I would love to have slightly thicker, more defined brows naturally. I have never really had to pluck my eyebrows that much, just a couple of fine hairs underneath the arch. I remember when I was younger and I had no makeup on one day, my dad said to me “Laura, you have gone a bit overboard with the eyebrow plucking!”…he didn’t realise that that’s how my brows look when I haven’t filled them in! It’s embarrassing when people think you have made this huge beauty faux paux when actually, it’s how they grow naturally.
Revitabrow contains peptides and botanicals to strengthen, condition and nourish your brows, to encourage them to be thicker and fuller. I don’t want to end up with really thick, strong eyebrows, I love this look on actresses like Jennifer Connelly, but it simply would not suit me. I just want to slightly thicken the outer section of my eyebrow and fill out any patchiness in the inner section.
I was actually really surprised when I found out a little more about the creator of Revitalash and Revitabrow. His name is Dr Brinkenhoff, he has been an ophthalmologist for over 25 years and he actually developed the formula as a gift for his wife, when she developed breast cancer. Obviously the chemotherapy she received caused all of her hair to fall out so he wanted to develop something that could at least aid growth for her eyelashes and eyebrows. This was very humbling and it put things into perspective when I read this. It made me seriously re-think how much I worry about shallow things!
The instructions advise to apply the product daily on clean eyebrows (so night time would be best) and by doing this I should end up with fuller, thicker and healthier looking brows within four to eight weeks. I have only been using this product for a week now so I will update you guys on my progress after 6 weeks of usage. I will take a before and after shot for this upcoming post so you guys can see the difference it has made.
Have you used this product or anything similar? What kind of results did you see?

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