Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review of Revlon Photoready Foundation

I have wanted to try this foundation for ages, given that I'm a steadfast fan of Colorstay...not everyone's cup of tea but in my eyes, it's my go-to foundation for a flawless, long lasting finish. There has been a big buzz around this new foundation in the blogging world which basically is said to deliver the same effect as MUFE HD. The first thing that caught my eye was that Revlon have finally decided to come to their senses and have included a pump dispenser for this product. Hurrah! This now means that there's less mess and less wastage of product.
I chose the Cool Beige shade which is a good match for my skin when I have a slight tan. The consistency of this foundation is a touch lighter than Colorstay and this transfers well to the feels very natural once applied so when you touch your face, it doesn't feel like you're wearing any foundation at all!
Now I know that alot of people have been put off by the 'shimmer' in this foundation (this is what actually creates the soft focus effect when you are being photographed hence the name of the product). I'm guessing it works by blurring any fine lines/blemishes.
I was a bit worried when I heard people mention the 'Cullen' effect! I really didn't want to look overly shimmery in the harsh light of day...but I was pleasantly surprised that the so-called shimmer wasn't that noticeable. Sure if you look REALLY closely in the mirror then you can kind of see it, but it doesn't look ridiculous. If you stand just a few inches away from a mirror in natural light then you don't even see it.

I took this picture wearing the foundation with just a slight dusting of MAC MSF Natural. I took the pic with a flash to try and demonstrate how the foundation photographs in different conditions....
I was REALLY happy with the medium coverage it gave me and how light it felt, whilst giving my skin a flawless finish. It lasts all day and as long as you set it with a good powder then you shouldn't get too shiny. I often get a very shiny T-Zone which is always a pain but I was delighted with how natural my skin looked. It also gave my skin a nice, healthy radiance. This foundation is definitely easier to apply and blend than Colorstay.
I took the next pic in direct sunlight...
So in conclusion, I really like this foundation and I think I now prefer it to Colorstay! I will be using this as my everyday foundation from now on. I know that some people would hate the shimmer in this as some people prefer a fully matte look. So ultimately, this foundation is like the makeup equivalent of're either going to love it or hate it! I personally think it's a fantastic drugstore/pharmacy foundation that's affordable, enjoyable to use and it makes my skin look great. It also offers a cheaper alternative to the likes of Nars Sheer Glow.

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