Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Ramble: If It Ain't Broke...

I had a thought the other day…I was wondering why I continue my search for HG products when a lot of the time, I have already found them and they are nestling in my existing makeup collection. I just can’t seem to help myself from hankering after something EVEN better, something that will transform me and make me feel amazing.
It’s like the old saying “the grass is always greener”. I find a product that meets my needs, works wonderfully and makes me feel good about myself. Then a couple of months down the line, I get bored using the same product all the time. I start looking at new launches and all the pretty packaging and start to wonder what those new products have to offer. So I end up cheating on my HG product! I am a serial HG product cheater! *hangs head in shame*. I can’t help it though, I start to take products for granted and the initial excitement wears off. Then it occurred to me…I have a dysfunctional relationship with my makeup collection! I am always tempted away by shiny new compacts with pretty designs.

But the best thing about this is that after a couple more months, I use my old HG product again and rediscover the magic! I realise how good it is and always was. It’s like rediscovering a great song on your iPod…you can’t believe you ever forgot about it or stopped appreciating how good it was. So I need to change my makeup mantra once and for all…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I’m not promising anything though…I may need therapy or something…

What about you guys? Do you find yourself perpetually searching for products with HG status?

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