Friday, May 6, 2011

xs in chicago update

xs650 chop noid 011 587x440 xs in chicago update

Chicago potholes are unforgiving

This bike was on this site last year, but many changes have been made. I scrapped the xs wheels, and went with an HD rear solid mag and custom disc brake set-up. Front is a YZ 250 21″ rim that i bored out the fork tubes and ran a burly 20mm rear xs axle through (chicago potholes are unforgiving).

xs650 chop noid 0101 587x454 xs in chicago update

Biltwel seat had to go, to use this sweet West Eagle tuck and roll, as well as relocating mount back a couple of inches. Scrapped the Ardcore mid set-up and made some custom mids and little shorty levers, as well as moving them back a few inches. Rear caliper is Road King, M/C and brake lines etc. are Buell.

xs650 chop noid 012 587x390 xs in chicago update

Rez is hidden in earl bag. Got rid of the windows and bolted up some threaded Front Street Cycle T-bars with hockey tape grips..

xs650 chop noid 015 587x440 xs in chicago updateLink

Overall the bike is now a much more comfortable ride, and way more reliable in the braking department. Big thanks to my brother for all of his time and effort.

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