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Kim Kardashian Makeup Extravaganza

For me, Kim Kardashian can be hit or miss when it comes to her makeup looks.  Sometimes I feel like she (or her makeup artist rather) overdoes it and she ends up looking doll-like.  I often notice that she has become over-zealous with the undereye concealer and the area becomes unnaturally light which can look a bit strange.  I know some people do like that look but I guess it's all down to personal preference (as with all things makeup!).  However, when she gets it right, she looks amazing.  So I will go through my favourite of her makeup looks and detail which products were used to create the look.

One of the Kardashian girl's favourite makeup artists, Joyce Bonelli describes how she created the look above:

"I used The Sensual Skin Primer by Kevin Aucoin to prep Kim's skin. This gorge primer glides on as clear, similar to a lotion like formula, and dries to a soft, lightweight finish.  For this look I used Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 by Giorgio Armani. Perfect for long hours under hot lights, this foundation is a water-based foundation that leaves a long lasting matte coverage, without the coverage feel. SO light and fresh!  I used Laura Mercier Concealer. Try blending from the outer corners in to keep concealer from settling in fine lines under the eyes for flawless coverage.  I like to set Kim's gorgeous skin with Setting Powder by Laura Mercier. *This powder helps keep skin matte and incredibly smooth".

"I filled Kim's brows in with Brow Tech To-Go by SMASHBOX.  First I covered Kim’s lid with Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue by Burberry. BLEND BLEND BLEND up to the crease of the lid, then apply another layer only on the lower lid. SMASHBOX Bronze Lights Eyeshadow, is what I used under the lower lash line, blended into the Midnight Blue shade. I lined the inside lower lash line with Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Duck by MAC. After that I made sure to smudge the liner down into the lash line. I applied Palladio Black Liner over the top of the top of the lashes on the lid. For this look I layered on Individual Lashes by Ardelle to give a dramatic look. I used two types of mascara for this look, first a coat of Loreal Volumous Mascara in Black, followed by Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome to add length. To give Kim's cheeks a touch of color I first applied Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Orchid Rose by Chanel to the apples of her cheeks. On the hollow of her cheeks I applied Glow Bronzing Powder in Sunshine by Dolce & Gabbana to make her cheeks pop with a soft contour.
Right above the apples of Kim’s cheeks I applied Naked Pigment by M.A.C. to highlight her cheekbones.
Creamstick in Ginger Root by MAC is what I used to line Kim’s gorge lips! I then applied YSL Rouge Our 144 Lipstick all over the lips. I then finished her lips with Girlactik Orage Twist Lip Gloss to give a high gloss coat with a touch of color".

This was the makeup look Kim sported for her birthday in Las Vegas...

Her friend and makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic created this look for her:

"I used Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS all over the skin. Under the eyes and to highlight I used YSL’s Touch Eclat. To set everything use a touch of Translucent Loose Powder by Shiseido".

"Eyebrows are softly filled in with MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Lingering. Urban Decay eyeshadow in Eldorado on eye lids and browbone. Smog eyeshadow also by Urban Decay on the crease of the eye and outter corners of the lids. Smolder Eye Kohl by MAC rimming the entire eye and on the inner rims. Use more liner towards the outter corners. Using a clean brush, blend along the lashlines, moving up and out. Apply more liner for intensity if needed. Finish the eyes with two coats of Lancome’s Hynose Drama Mascara on top and bottom lashes".

"On the apples of the cheeks, use Passion blush by Josie Maran. Skin is bronzed with Josie Maran Bronzing Powder. Brush it along the hairline, jawline and hollows of cheeks. To highlight the cheek bones, use Trace Gold blush by MAC. Lips are lined with MAC’s Cremestick Liner in Summerfruit followed by Lipgelee in Saplicious, also by MAC".

The next series of YouTube vids show Kim having her makeup done by Stephen Moleski.  I like watching these kinds of videos because it gives you an insight into how makeup artists work and also what techniques they use.  You often pick up handy little hints and tips!  The videos are quite old but I think they are still relevant.

Kim often opts for the smokey eye/nude lip combination but sometimes she puts a twist on it by using browns, bronzes or a bit of blue or purple.  Us girls in the beauty blogging community always want to know EXACTLY which products have been used to achieve the look WE want.

This was another look created by Mario Dedivanovic from her sister's unisex fragrance launch...

"I started with moisturizing Kim’s face and neck using La Mer’s The Moisturizing Lotion. I let that settle for about five minutes and then applied Veil Fluid Makeup (No. 3: Sand) by Hourglass all over the skin and blended with a damp sponge. This foundation gives a luminous, lasting coverage. Under the eyes, I used By Terry’s Touche Veloutee Concealer in the Cream shade. I blended a bit on the eye lids as well to prime them for the eyeshadow. To set skin I used a bit of Jane Iredale PureMatte Finish Powder, mainly on the T-zone and over the concealer to set".

"I filled in Kim’s brows with Brow Tech To Go in Taupe, by Smashbox. To get the soft, golden shade on Kim’s eyes, first I layered LORAC Tantalizer Baked Bronzer on eyelids and along the lower lashes. Next I went over it and applied Eye M Glam highlighter ( over eyelids, inner corners of eyes and a bit on the brow bones. Sweep Eye M Glam along lower lashes as well and blend it out to get that smoky golden look. I defined the upper lash line with By Terry eyeliner in Macassar Brown. In the waterline or inner rim of the eyes, I used the Eye M Glam all over pencil (available soon) I added a few medium sized individual lashes by Reese Robert (really cool line of eyelashes!) for extra volume and finished off the eyes with two coats of Hypnose Mascara by Lancome on the top and bottom lashes".

"I bronzed the hollows of Kim’s cheeks, along her hairline, jaw and down the center of neck with Terracotta Bronzing powder by Guerlain. I added a hint of color to the apple of the cheeks using LORAC blush in Pink and swept over the apples and along the cheekbones with Giella’s Eye M Glam highlighter. I used the left-over highlighter on the brush and applied it down the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow of her lips. To add some of that golden glow to the body, I used Sigma’s Body Brush which is plated in 18K gold and has super-soft bristles! Just dip the brush into the Eye M Glam lid and apply straight to your body".

"I lined Kim’s lips with Josie Maran lipliner in Natural and kept the lip shade in the same color family as the cheeks by applying a blend of MAC lipstick in Half ‘n Half followed by Eye M Glam AcryLip gloss.  I finished off Kim’s makeup by spraying a light mist of Rose Water by Dream Organics on her face and neck. This sets the makeup and gives a fresh, dewy look to the skin".

This image is from Kim's 'Caress' shoot and her makeup was by Troy Jensen:

"For Kim’s look, I wanted it to be fresh, sexy, and glowing. I first evened out her complexion by mixing a highlighting luminizing foundation, a soft golden liquid foundation, and a liquid moisturizer. Then I dabbed on a touch of concealer and blended well and set with a loose mineral powder. For cheeks, I blended on a bronzer/soft peach cheek color for a soft glow".

"On Kim’s eyes, I first defined and groomed her beautifully shaped eyebrows. Then I used soft brown eye-shadow to lightly contour her eyes and a deep brown eyeliner to lightly define the eyes. Then I curled and coated her lashes with black mascara. For the lips, I kept them very sheer and neutral by lining them with a soft peach lip-liner and filled them in with a pale pink lip-liner. Finally, I topped off the lips with a sheer beige gloss for a sexy pout".

Here's another insight into Kim having her makeup done.  I'm always fascinated by makeup artists at work and I love the way Mario mixes everything and never uses just one shade.  He talks in the video about how he struggled for ages when learning how to conceal the under eye area.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with that! It seems even the professionals need to work at it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any requests for a similar type of post featuring another celeb then just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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