Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Clothes Haul and Product Chat

I have been waiting to spend my £40 voucher for Miss Selfridge for ages now but I never seemed to see anything I liked.  I always feel like the shop is geared more towards younger girls of the 15-21 age range rather than an oldie like me (ok, I'm only 28 but in dog years I'm dead!).  I was in town yesterday so I decided to pop in and check out their sale.

I'm a sucker for floaty skirts so this bad boy drew me in straight away!  It's a silky little taupe number that sits about 3 or 4 inches above my knees (note to self: don't wear this on a windy day!).  It's 100% polyester but it feels silky and will wash at 40 degrees so I'm not gonna be snobby about that!  It has a pretty little fabric belt and the sides gather into the middle to create a slightly slouchy effect.  It's a great neutral shade that will go with just about anything and it only cost £17. 

Aberdeen isn't that warm at the moment (someone needs to give the man upstairs a nudge and let him know that summer is a-comin).  With this in mind, I can't live in my open-toed sandals JUST yet so I decided these tan lace-up boots would come in handy for colder days.  They go nicely with my khaki coloured skinny combats (or skombats as some people are calling them!) and would work with tights or leggings too.  They were only £15 (down from £60) but word to the wise...they are very high so for anyone who struggles in high heels, give these a wide berth!

You know me and my never-ending obsession with turquoise jewellery.  I gave in and got this turquoise stone ring for just £4 in the sale.  I love the contrast of turquoise and cerise pink so I reckon I will paint my nails that colour.  Simple things make me happy!

I always switch to peachy toned blushes in the Spring and Summer and this Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Soft Peach has been my blush of choice for the past few days.  I love the super sleek packaging although it now has my grubby fingerprints all over it!  In the pan, the combination of pale and warm peach is just gorgeous and you can see it has very fine illuminating particles so no glitter effect!  This blush is silky smooth and blends into the skin to create a really natural finish and best of all, it really compliments my skin tone.  It imparts a nice glow that is perfect for daytime radiance.  Super natural and gorgeous with a tan! 

I don't like to use heavy lipsticks during the day as they can look too heavy when you're trying to pull off the paired-down look.  I like quite sheer formulas for daytime so this Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick in 01 Melon is the perfect lip colour to compliment soft bronzey brown eye shadow.  This lipstick does have some shimmer in it so if that ain't your bag, then it's best to give it a miss.  The shimmery particles just translate to a sheen on the lips though and I find it to be really subtle.  I adore the colour of this lipstick because it's so summery and juicy.

My daytime eyeliner of choice this past week has been Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon (a rich brown with slight gold shimmer).  I love the smooth consistency of the UD 24/7 liners because they are a doddle to apply and stay put all day.  The colour really brings out the blue in my eyes and it defines without looking unnatural which I love.  Sometimes I want to just accentuate my eyes without wearing heavy eyeliner so this liner is perfect for that.  This colour is also great for softly lining the lower lashline without looking like you haven't slept for a week.  Us dark circle girls have to beware of heavy under-eye makeup!

Since I love Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and it has gained HG status for me, I was interested to check out the Double Wear Light Foundation for days when I don't feel I need as much coverage.  Double Wear Light still has the 15 hour staying power and SPF10 but the formulation is considerably lighter and offers more of a light to medium coverage.  I have found that Intensity 3.0 is the most suitable for my skin tone (I wear Fresco in the normal Double Wear foundation).  The first thing I noticed is that this foundation is easier to apply and blend than the normal Double Wear formula (something which I know bothers a lot of people but doesn't bother me).  So if you like the idea of Double Wear but don't like the thicker consistency then this lighter formulation could be for you.  I would say the coverage is on the lower scale of medium ie. it made my skin look even but doesn't cover blemishes/areas of redness like around the nose.  This foundation would be great for summer days when your skin is generally clear and you just need a little bit of coverage but I certainly wouldn't rely on it for say, a night out, where I know I will be dancing around and possibly getting all hot and sweaty (gross I know).  All in all, it gives a very natural look to the skin and people wouldn't even know you're wearing foundation.  The formula is oil free, non-acnegenic, fragrance-free and photo-friendly.  You can achieve slightly more coverage by applying this product with a foundation brush without losing the fresh, natural and comfortable feeling on your skin.

I just watched the video for J-Lo's song "Into You" and although I'm not a fan of the song (the four leaf clover rhyme bugs me for some reason!), I am a fan of the gorgeous makeup she is sporting!  I know some people get bored of her smokey eyes/nude lip combo but I think it suits her and to be honest, she has never looked better.  Her skin looks flawless and glowy (as always) and she is definitely in great shaper after having twins.

I wasn't sure about the new Beyonce song 'Run The World (Girls)' when I first heard it but sometimes having the visual aspect of a video encourages you to like a song more than you normally would have.  I love the video for the song, her crazy outfits and her even crazier dance routines.  I'm sure I will try to recreate those moves next time I'm a little tipsy on wine and thoroughly embarass myself!  The video is all about female empowerment and I guess there's a subtle theme running through the images about women's rights in Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries.  She ain't called Sasha Fierce for nothin!

Lastly, even though I promised myself I wouldn't...I gave in and watched the first 2 episodes of Made in Chelsea (E4's answer to a posh and very similarly staged 'The Only Way Is Essex').  It's one of those shows that I love to hate I guess.  It's all about a group of posh and privileged young folk in the ever-so-trendy Chelsea area of London.  The 'cast' is made up of PR girls, Etonian graduates, entrepreneurs, wannabe pop stars and non-descript 'It' girls.  To be quite honest, when I heard one guy saying "there's NEVER an excuse for wearing high street clothes" pretty much made my blood boil!  I hate snobbery and pretentious behaviour but somehow I can't tear myself away from watching the show.  Have you guys seen it? What were your thoughts?

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