Friday, May 6, 2011


xs650 chop noid 0011 587x275 THE WET BACK 77

This is my #6 and I am happy with how she turning out so far. I got it off a guy that was going to build an ice bike so I built around the tires, studded knobbys that came on it. It’s a 1977 now with a 6 inch extended swing arm also a mono air shock off an older kawi.

xs650 chop noid 024 587x310 THE WET BACK 77

I did a half ass frisco job to the peanut tank, cut the front gusset out (brilliant) knocked the silencer plugs out of the mufflers. And I don’t want to talk about the paint and polishing sucks balls.

xs650 chop noid 028 587x377 THE WET BACK 77

xs650 chop noid 038 587x363 THE WET BACK 77

I made and did all the work my self in my geerog. I am going to ride it this year until I sell it and build another. It is for sale 845-775-0590 ROODIS $5500 or what ever.

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