Sunday, May 1, 2011

Totti Motori ‘Recycle’

Totti Motori Recycle, Ducati Monster custom motorcycle parts
If you have a 1993-2005 model Ducati Monster, how do you make it look a little different to all the others? The Monster, despite its sales success, is a difficult bike to customize. The trellis frame dominates the bike’s appearance, so most custom Monsters are radical redesigns—such as the JvB Moto Flat Red. Bologna-based Roberto Totti, however, has come up with an alternative solution called ‘Recycle’. There are two flavors—café racer and scrambler—and the modified parts are interchangeable. It’s a modular approach centered on fibreglass tank covers, a new single-silencer exhaust system with three configurations (high, low and intermediate), and various seat/base setups according to the look you want. Spoked as opposed to the usual light alloy wheels are also available. It makes it relatively simple to create a different look for Ducati’s breakthrough machine, and one that extends beyond the usual Termignoni muffler upgrade. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

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