Friday, May 6, 2011

I’m a minimalist?

xs650 chop IMG 0070 587x344 Im a minimalist?

The parts on this build are temporarily being held in place by clamps, pieces of wood, a towel, bubble gum and just the right balancing point. Needed to get an overall visual before finalizing with welds. I’m a big fan of minimalistic details in bikes, art … well, most things in life. Can’t say this bike is turning out that way. A fenderless, brakeless front end is almost a religious requirement on a bobber build.

xs650 chop IMG 0071 587x523 Im a minimalist?

Love the sparse look but, I couldn’t help but think, it might not be so great planting my face on some car’s rear bumper cause the only brake I have is a scrawny rear drum. The unobstructed view of front tire meat is neat but picking road debris, from my face after every ride, seemed much less appealing. Hence the fender. Anyway here are some of the details so far:

xs650 chop IMG 0068 587x593 Im a minimalist?

Frame: By Dave “Tigman” Huntress. How he was able to make a frame from my miserable drawings is a miracle.

xs650 chop IMG 0078 587x355 Im a minimalist?
xs650 chop P1000241 587x361 Im a minimalist?
Wheels: HD 16 X 3 with stainless steel spokes laced and trued bLinky Buchanans.
Tires: Metzler Marathon 130/90 16
Gas Tank: Triumph knock off from Lowbrow
Engine: 750cc rebuild by Thomas Racing Service
Carbs: Mikuni VM 34mm
Springer: 2″ under by DNA
Front caliper: 4 piston by DNA
Rear caliper: HD Girling single piston
Pipes: Mike’s XS with inserts. Tips: By Biltwell.
Bars: 1.25″ stepped down to 1.0″ for hand controls, sitting on 3″ risers.
License plate bracket: from Lowbrow.

A lot more work to be done…

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