Wednesday, May 4, 2011

im @ COACHELLA bitch ... !

sun, music, tunes, sexy people, celebs ,booze, pool parties, random happenings = desert fun ..

on the way saw this pimpn LV ride...

who let the aussie drive .. ?

turning up in style ..

thur nite group shot - followed by too many jamesons.. !

flower power (from burning man) ..

friday shot of the day ...

do lab .. mmmm mist ..!

main stage in the sun ..

on route day 2..

jenni ..

sahara tent .. pumpn them tunes !

whiskey + coke time in the shade ..

sleigh bells rocked it .. ( check her custom bells singlet ) ..

KOL ruled it ... they r all time rite now better & better ..

chemical bro's killed it on main stage ..

empire of the sun doing the thing ..

hey jen there's sal ..

comfortably numb ..

captain one lens ..

found another one eyed willy ..

sunday funday ..

duran duran - stil got it ..

1st time seen strokes .. julian with his NY hat.. too cool school attitude & drunk rambles .. 

joking b4 kanye saying he prob turn up in a space ship.. nxt thing he's up in air delivered to stage on his space ship..

kaptain kanye ..

linds was there ..

she wants revenge closed out festival for me .. tight playing & dirty guitars = surprise act for wkend !

Erwin Hotel Venice roof top ... recovery mode !


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