Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don Castro Triumph Flat Track

This beauty isn’t a show bike from the 70s: it’s the actual factory ‘Red Line’-framed 750 cc Triumph ridden by AMA Flat Track star Don Castro. The psychedelic streamlined bodywork came from a sponsor called The Fiberglas Works; it was outlawed by the AMA for violating the anti-slipstreaming rules after just one outing, at the 1972 San Jose Half Mile. The Bonneville-engined bike has since been restored by Don Miller of clothing company, a long-time supporter of vintage racing. “The whole resto has been off and on for a long time. I started by obtaining that bodywork over 10 years ago, from Don [Castro]. The rest trickled in over the years,” Miller says. “Luckily I grew up when that kind of painting was cool and did a lot of custom van and bike stuff myself. I spent 6-7 days re-creating that beast. That’s with drying times, burying flake under clear, multi-colors and effects, sanding and rubbing to perfection, then hand lettering The Fiberglas Works and Don’s name on the back.” The effort was worth it: Miller now has one of the most beautiful flat track motorcycles of all time in his garage. [Image via Jockey Journal. Head over to Triumph Flat Track for more supercool vintage Triumph action.]

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