Friday, May 21, 2010

YSL, Philosophy, Green Tea & a Tag

Hello my lovelies! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah-zippety-ayyyyy, my oh my, it's a wonderful day! Oh my god, how amazing is the weather at the moment? It's so gorgeous and sunny and warm!  Long may it continue! It's the simple things in life that make me happy and nice weather is one of them.  Me and Chris are going to head up north tomorrow to Findhorn (a lovely little place with a really nice stoney beach) so we can have a romantic day out together and make the most of the sunshine.  The longer days always make me feel like I'm getting more time in a day to do everything I want to...does that make sense? I kinda feel cheated in winter and I'm sure I must suffer from that SAD thing!...doesn't everyone though!? I have that Jason Derulo song stuck in my head today (Sowlo, I'm ridin sowlo) and yes I am doing the accent thing as I sing it.  I think I'm slowly driving Chris demented because I only know some of the words so I just make the rest up!hee hee.  Brace yourselves...this is gonna be a long post!
First up, I just wanted to rave about some YSL products that I mentioned in a previous post.  All three are from the Summer 2010 Solaris collection: Bronzer in no.2, Nail polish in no.42, Rouge Pur Shine Lipstick in no.93.

The bronzer is beeyootiful! The consistency of this is divine, non-powdery and really smooth and I love the sleek packaging.  No bulky boxes here, just a lovely slimline case that will be super handy for travelling or carrying around in my bag.  The shade no.2 is the medium colour available and it's perfect for when I am more tanned as it gives a natural, non shimmery glow to my skin.  The bronzer is matte on the skin, however if you look REALLY close at the pan, you can see miniscule particles of shimmer but that doesn't show up on the skin, it just stops the colour from looking flat once applied.
The nail polish is a really pretty rich purple colour with no shimmer.  It's a really glossy formula and I only needed one coat to get an intense streak free finish.  I love the fact that YSL nail polishes always have a lid that lifts off to reveal a more practical lid to the polish.  It's alot easier to open when you can actually grip onto the lid.
The lipstick is absolutely perfect for summer because it's a sheer formula that looks more like a light gloss.  It's so lightweight, moisturising and the colour is really flattering and pretty.  It's a soft pale pink with an ever so slight tinge of lilac (but not like those weird coloured lipsticks that make you look dead).  This lippy is the kind that you can just apply without a mirror and not have to worry about having to be precise.  I am in love with the packaging, it's something about the baby pink colour with the gold YSL case that does it for me! 
One smell I love in summer is coconut and I have been using two products with the most amazing scent...Philosophy's Coconut Frosting Body Butter and Shower Gel.  As you can see...Munkay loves it too (that may be lost on non-UK followers...I had to prize them from his dirty little mitts after these photographs were taken!).  I find myself having showers JUST so I can use the gel! Saddo much? It has such a heavenly scent though, I love smells good enough to eat! I have used the shower gel (which can also be used as a shampoo or bubble bath) about 6 or 7 times already but you only need the tiniest amount to create a really rich luxurious lather.  It leaves the most beautiful scent of coconut on my skin that lasts all day and Chris had commented on how good it smelt! 
The body butter is super moisturising and I like to apply it just before bed so I wake up with really soft, smooth skin.  The Philosophy packaging has been copied by quite a few brands and I can see why.  I really like the recipes they print on the front, it's a really fun idea that really does make you feel like you are bathing in Coconut Frosting!
I looked around for some authentic Japanese Green Tea but it ain't easy to find in Aberdeen so in the meantime, I found the purest, most potent one available...Clipper Organic Green Tea.  I can't say I was really looking forward to my first cup after it had been likened to pond water but you know what, it ain't all that bad.  It doesn't taste amazing but it's certainly drinkable.  It has an earthy taste to it, almost like normal black tea.  I can put up with the weird taste though because I know how many amazing benefits this has with regards to my general health.  It may not taste great but it's for the greater good!

Now for some tags! The first one is one that I actually wasn't tagged in but I thought it might be fun to do just to let everyone in on some random facts about me.  I read it on Jo's blog, But Enough About Me so if you haven't already checked hers out, please do...she is one funny girl!  Due to our mutual love for eachothers blogs, we have agreed to stalk eachother on blogger!

The first rule is to post the 8th picture from the 8th folder in your documents:
This pic was taken out our engagement party/bbq at my parent's house in August 2009.  It was before I lost alot of the extra weight (for reference, I was a size 16 there and I'm now a size 12 but I still maintain that 70% of my weight is boob!That's still the case!) My mum had ordered a huge cake from Costco for us and we all know how delish those cakes are! We were feasting on left over cake for the next week! I love my family so much and they made this such a special day for me and Chris.  All our friends were there and it was a fantastic chilled out day.  Good memories.

And now for the questions for the tag...
1. What shoe size are you?
I am a size 7 and I've always hated having big feet, it means that certain flat shoes make me look like a clown! No ballet pumps for me unfortunately :(
2. Where do you work?
I can't divulge too much on this at the moment as there are changes afoot but I will update on this soon :)
3. Favourite piece of clothing you own?
It has to be my Monsoon Originals Hot Pink minidress pictured here underneath the black sequin blazer, it has a heavily beaded neckline and also under the bust.  I always get compliments on it:
4. Your favourite blog?
Ahhh I can't name just one because there are so many great blogs out there, although my favourite ones are But Enough About YouBubble dreams...,  Alpha Blonde, The Gloss Goss and Bubblegarm.  I read every single post these girls do and if you aren't already following them, you should be!
5. Do you have any pets?
Oooooh yesh! His name is Wolverine, he's a long haired Syrian hamster and he is a Legend! The coolest hamster that ever walked the face of the earth!Word.
My mum and dad have two Golden Retrievers called Hamish and Findlay but I think of them as mine as well since I still lived at home when my folks got them 5 years ago.  I adore them and every time I go home, which is pretty much every weekend, I just want to take them away with me! I miss having dogs around the place.  Once me and Chris move to somewhere with a garden, we are definitely getting two dogs! (note- Findlay is trying to do his "I'm not aware of the camera so I'm looking upwards" pose):
6. How many siblings do you have?
I have one brother, Gary.  He is going to be 30 in July...and yes I have been winding him up no end.  It's too easy!
7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
First I was going to say somewhere exotic but whenever I'm away, I always miss the UK (crazy but true!) so I think I would be happiest somewhere in Cornwall.  I love the vibe there and the lifestyle...beach, great weather, great nightlife, surfing, beach parties, amazing scenery and wildlife.  It pretty much has everything, I used to visit there alot when I was a kid and I always loved it so much.
8. What were you doing before this?
Cooking up some of my special Chilli Con Carne for dinner tonight...I like to cook it in advance to let the flavours develop a bit!
9. Your favourite food?
I tend to like spicy foods, the kind you find in indian, mexican and thai cooking.  I do love a big fat fillet steak as well though with Dauphanoise potatoes..mmmmmmmm.  Healthy!  To be perfectly honest I love my food and I really enjoy trying new recipes, I'm not the kinda girl who chooses a salad on a date!ha ha.
10. Do you have a middle name?
Yes, it's Jayne.  Although I never really like it because when you team it with my forename, it always makes me sound like one of the Waltons..."good night Laura-Jayne". 
11. Your favourite websites?
Blogger (obviously!), Ebay, Temptalia, Dune, Monsoon, Makeup Provisions, You Tube, my wedding website.
12. Who do you tag?
Alpha Blonde
The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog

Lastly, I just wanted to share a song I'm loving at the moment...Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun (and no, not just because the gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal is in the vid!..ok, maybe that's part of the reason! I even fancy him in 70's tennis gear...Sigh...)...
As you can probably tell by now, I have VERY eclectic music taste...from indie to rock to R'n'B to dance.  Variety is the spice of life afterall!

This is the song that has me shakin my thang around the kitchen whilst making dinner, it makes me feel summery!...

Have a fandabbydosey weekend girlies! Enjoy the sunshiiiine (Oasis stylee!)

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