Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pending Hen Weekend,Nars and Philosophy

Hello ladies! This will be my last post until Monday as I am heading off to Edinburgh tomorrow to embark on my hen weekend.  I have a loose itinerary of where I need to be and what time but I have no idea what the girls have planned for me! I'm really looking forward to having a proper girly weekend with all my fantastic friends.  I am very lucky to have a lovely group of pals to spend my time with. 
No doubt there will be cocktails galore...bring it on! I really want to have a Mai Tai (or three) because I first tried them when I was on holiday in Barcelona and they are soooo yummy.  They are really refreshing!  Basically, a Mai Tai contains the following:

White Rum
Dark Rum
Amaretto De Saronno
Apricot Brandy
Orange Curacao
Lime Juice
Pineapple Juice

Ok, so it doesn't sound yummy when you write a list of the ingredients but believe me, they're lush! That reminds me, I better take some Ibuprofen with me! I was in Boots today stocking up on Scholl Party Feet and blister plasters for my skyscraper heels! (I'm still on the look out for that product in stick form that you can rub on your feet to prevent friction...).  I will give you guys all the goss from the hen weekend when I return...I'm sure I will have many a story to tell!

On another note, I finally got my hands on Nars blush in Silvana and Nars Sweet Revenge Lipgloss, which is a new shade.  Silvana is a terracotta with soft gold shimmer and it would make a perfect contour shade for when I'm paler and a great blusher for when I'm a bit more tanned for a really sunkissed look.  The shimmer is so subtle as you can see from the pan and swatch.  Sometimes Nars blushes can be a hit or a miss, but this one is smooth, extremely blendable and really pretty once applied.
Sweet Revenge lipgloss is described as a sheer pink grapefruit, however I would say it's slightly darker than you would imagine.  It's more of a peach with slight shimmer in my opinion.  It will look really good with a golden eye look and lashings of bronzer.  I've heard about Nars lipglosses developing a strange smell after a few months but I must say that I haven't noticed that with my Turkish Delight one as yet.  It's a shame because there are so many pretty shades.  I use so much lipgloss that I will probably use it up before it gets to that stage anyway.  I love the look of the Striptease shade which is described as a candlelit nude...sounds like my kinda gloss!  I do think these glosses are a bit overpriced given that alot of the shades are dupe-able. 

I also wanted to share with you an AMAZING hot salt scrub from Philosophy called Pure Grace.  I like my scrubs to come in copious amounts because I use so much of it on my body.  This is one heavy duty scrub and it made mincemeat of the fake tan remnants I had on my elbows (I was having a lazy moment and didn't apply moisturiser before tanning...cardinal rule broken!tut tut!).  Usually nothing would remove it and I would have to wait a few days for it to subside.  But this scrub removed all trace of it in one go although I would only use it once a week as it's too much to use daily.  I just scooped up a little scrub whilst wearing my exfoliating gloves and quickly went over my body in circular motions in the shower.  This scrub is oil-free, glycerin based, with a very light clean fragrance and leaves my skin super duper smooth and soft, without any oily residue left behind.  I like this so much because it's amazingly effective and it's great to use before fake tan.  Oil based scrubs leave a film of oil on your skin afterwards which means that it's harder for the fake tan to adhere to the skin evenly, so you end up with patchiness and streaks.  This stuff is definitely the best scrub I have used in preparation for self tanning.  Thumbs up!

On a completely different note, I caught on to Tanya Burr's vids on Youtube (the girlfriend of Pixiwoo Sam and Nic's younger brother).  I'm sure everyone else is already a subscriber and I'm just the last to know!  But in case you don't know...she is a freelance makeup artist in her own right and up until a couple of days ago, I had only ever seen her being used as a model for Sam or Nic to demonstrate makeup looks.  I have really been getting into her videos...I don't know about you but when I find YT channels I like, I tend to watch about 10 vids in one go, I'm excited to go through them all.  This is one of my favourites of hers:

I also just subscribed to her other channel which is a mixture of Vlogs and Hauls.  I always like to get to know the people behind the YT channel and I was watching a vid of Tanya and her boyfriend, Jim, where he does her makeup for her at the request of lots of subscribers.  Can you imagine your bloke doing your makeup???ha ha.  It's really funny, incredibly cute and they just come across as a really sweet couple who like to take the mick out of eachother:

The bit that made me laugh the most is how he rubs the primer into her face quite roughly and also the poking of the eyes.ha ha.  Let's be honest, more often than not, our other halves are usually so clueless about what it takes to apply makeup and the fact that there is actually skill involved! I know guys always say they prefer girls without makeup but I seriously think that they often aren't sure what is and isn't makeup! Chris looks at pics of Scarlett Johansson or Cheryl Cole and he's like "they look so much nicer au naturel"...I have to interrupt him and politely point out that their 'au naturel' look is all skillfully applied makeup!ha ha.  Boys...

Right, that's me off for now...time to plan my outfits for the weekend! Yahooooooo!

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