Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wedding Hair Update

You know I did my posts about how I was going to have my hair up for the wedding?...well, I kinda, sorta changed my mind!  I originally wanted my hair up because:

a) The ladies in the bridal store kept saying how I just HAD to have my hair up if I was wearing a strapless dress.  It would apparently 'elongate my neck and make me look more graceful'.
b) Every bride I saw had her hair up so I just kind of fell into the thinking that I should do that too.

My doubts began when I went to visit the photographer a while ago.  He said "I hope you don't mind me asking, but how are you wearing your hair for the wedding?"...I of course replied "oh I'm having it wavy but up in a loose chignon".  He paused for a while and then said "This is just my opinion, please don't be offended, but I think you would suit your hair better wavy/curly and down because it would suit your face shape better and also suit the relaxed feeling of the wedding".  I sat there and I will admit that I was a bit taken aback that he was so honest about it but then he continued..."Do you wear your hair up alot?" to which I thought, well no I don't because I prefer it down and I feel more comfortable with it down.  Then it dawned on me...why the hell am I wearing my hair up just because other people expect me to? I need to do what I am happy with and I am happiest with my hair down.

SO, the decision has now been made (thanks to my wedding photographer).  I am alot happier now I know I will have long flowing locks on my wedding day.  I want to look like me (but maybe a bit better than normal!ha ha).  I have now set out on a quest to find the best real hair clip in extensions to add more volume to my hair.  Don't worry, I'm not after ridiculously long locks, I am going to cut the extensions so they blend with my hair (this is more about volume, not length).  I do want to add just a couple of inches to my hair length so that when it is curled and it bounces up, it will still be a decent length.

So ladies, any recommendations for really good hair extensions would be appreciated! In the meantime, I did have a look at the extensions available on a fellow bloggers, Imogen's, website  I ordered the delux real hair clip-in extensions in Honey Blonde (160grams) and I thought they were pretty cheap at £72.00.  The colour I chose looks like this (pic courtesy of
I like that the extensions aren't one solid colour, they have highlights through them just like my hair.  I will let you all know how I get on with them once they are delivered.   I will be taking them to my hairdresser to be cut (and possibly dyed to match my hair colour exactly) and blended into my own hair to make sure it all looks as natural as possible.  I think half the battle is trying to get a good colour match so I'm hoping the Honey Blonde ones do the job.

I actually really like the FoxyLocksExtensions website because it includes a guide to clipping in the extensions with Pics, Video Tutorials, Customer Reviews, Order Tracking and a Celebrity Hairstyles section where it shows you a step-by-step guide to achieve a particular look.  Imogen does a really good video on how she clips in her extensions, now it may seem simple to do, but I've never done it before so it helps to get it right.

How gorgeous is Imogen!
Have you tried any real hair extensions? What did you think of them?

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