Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Favourite Lip Glosses

What's not to love about lip glosses? I always get mesmerised by the shine and shimmer of these products and I'm a total sucker for pinks, peaches and nudes, especially when they are shot with gold particles.  I like my lip glosses to be non-gritty, a nice consistency, reasonably long lasting and nicely fragranced.  All of these lip glosses live up to these specifications and I love them all.  I won't ramble on too much in this post as the pictures speak for themselves.  I hope you enjoy the post!
Sure, alot of the lip glosses I have are similar but as us girls know, each one looks slightly different on!  You will have to excuse the tatty condition of the Chanel lip gloss, but I've had it for a year or so now and since it's always rattling around in my handbag, it has taken a beating over time!  If I had to pick my top three glosses out of all the above products then it would have to be Mac Fashion Scoop, YSL Golden Gloss in no.10 and L'Occitane Rose Petale Lip Gloss.  I would highly recommend all of these!
What are your favourite lip glosses?  Do you have any recommendations based on what I already have?

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