Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Favourite Blushes

Hi ladies! I woke up to a beautiful day today so I'm in a very good mood! I wanted to keep my 'Favourites' posts going by letting you guys in on my favourite blushes.  I always love reading other peoples favourites and it gives me a chance to see other products that might work for me.  I only started wearing blush about a year ago.  I never felt that I needed it before because I have naturally rosy cheeks that show slightly through my foundation.  Often people have asked "what blush are you wearing, it's really nice?" and I was always too embarassed to tell them that I wasn't wearing any.  My cheeks just happen to be that way, you may think that's a good thing but on the other hand, it means I can never go without foundation.  Because of this, I like to wear soft blushes that are subtle but the kind that bring your face to life and give you a kind of natural radiance.  All these blushes do that for me.
Jemma Kidd Makeup School Blushwear Cheek Colour in Paw Paw: I have two back ups of this product and when I realised how long they last, I decided to put one of my back ups for sale on my blog.  Unfortunately no one bought it though! Tali over at The Gloss Goss also did a rave review on this product that can be read here.  I generally don't like cream blushes because they tend to slide off my face or feel greasy.  However this perfectly peach coloured creme blush is light as a feather on your skin and it has a unique formula that almost feels like a fine powder when you blend it into your cheeks...Love this!

Mac Gingerly Blush - I was initially going to use this as a contour colour and whilst it really does work well that way, but I have been enjoying using it as a blush too.  It's a capri bronze shade that is great for enhancing a tan.  The formula doesn't contain any shimmer so it's perfect if you prefer the soft matte look.
Mac Well Dressed - This blush is a must have in my opinion, I use it every day and it's the kind of product that you could apply without a's that full proof! It's a cool soft candy pink shade that is so natural and flattering and I never get tired of how it looks.  Everyone raves about this blush on here and there's a reason for that.  Nuff said!

Bare Minerals Blush in Fruit Cocktail - This blush scared the bejesus out of me when I first saw it because it looks like a hot pink in the container.  I looked at it and though "hell no!" but then when you swatch it, you quickly realise that it's a gorgeous sheer formula blush that is so pretty once applied.  It has a really nice sheen to it so it imparts a lovely radiance to your face.  I find this blush really brightening and it's perfect for the summer months.  It looks amazing against a tan!
Korres Blush in Peach - I love, love, love this blush.  It's basically a slightly more intense version of Benefit's Coralista so whilst you can't be too heavy handed with it, it creates a gorgeous peachy sheen on your cheeks.  I like to wear it when I have a tan because I feel that's when the colour looks best.  It's buttery smooth, contains a pretty sheen and you get loads of product for your money.

RMK Blush in Holographic Soft Coral - Yes there's a theme developing here...I do love peach and coral blushes though! This is the softest coral blush I own and the easiest to wear.   I think it's universally flattering so girls with paler skin could easily rock this blush.  This is a seriously pretty colour but the only down side would be the small pan...I feel like you should get more for your money.

Benefit Coralista - This is probably my ultimate blush at the moment for when I'm going out.  I heard everyone raving about it for months and finally caved in and got it.  It's expensive I guess but I think it's so worth it.  It's such a beautiful colour and it looks amazing once applied.  I'm not a huge fan of cardboard packaging but I actually don't mind this one because I like the graphics on this one.  Mine never really get tatty because I don't carry my blushes around with me.  Good blushes shouldn't wear off during the day anyway.  This blush is brightening, radiance enhancing gorgeousness.

Nars Deepthroat (what is it with Nars and dirty filthy product names???)- Like many other bloggers, I don't rate Orgasm blush because there was something about the tone that just didn't suit me and the glitter particles in it were just SLIGHTLY annoying! Deepthroat however is a truer peach shade that has subtle shimmer (no gritty glitter particles though!).  I find I have to be light handed with this blush because it would be easy to totally overdo it.  It creates a lovely glow on my cheeks though and it remains my favourite Nars blush.

What are your favourite blushes? Do you have any on your wishlist? 

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