Monday, February 28, 2011

A Mish-Mash Post

Hi guys!

So I have been MIA since last week but there was a very good reason for this...hubby headed offshore again this morning so he will be away for another 2 weeks.  I wanted to spend every last minute with him before he flew out again.

This post will be a big mixture of a few different things that have been happening and just random things going around my head.  The last couple of weekends, we have been out partying with our great group of friends.  Now the last thing you want to hear after a drink-fuelled night out is "oh, did you know there's pictures of you on the internet from your night out?".  The first thought that ran through my head was "noooooooooooooooooooooo!".  I grabbed the laptop and hurredly located the event photography websites anticipating the horrific drunken snaps.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see that I look quite normal despite being snapped at about 2am! 

Phew! Crisis averted! Although slightly worrying that I didn't even remember getting my picture taken until someone mentioned it to me...

Whenever I go to restaurants, I always end up having to put my evening/clutch bag on the floor.  Sometimes it opens and spills it's contents all over the floor.  Annoying? Yes, very much so!  But I saw something online that would come in really handy the next time I dine out.  A foldable bag table hanger!  They look like this...

How nifty is that! It's just a disc that folds out to reveal a hook to hang your evening bag from.  I'm definitely going to get myself one because I'm sick of leaving my lovely bags on the floor!

On a different matter, I wanted to share my initial thoughts on the Nars Mekong e/s...

It's a rich espresso shade infused with gold.  Now I've heard so many people rave about this product that I couldn't resist getting my hands on it.

However, on first impressions, I'm sorry to say that I'm not that impressed by the consistency of the powder.  It just feels too powdery for my liking and that doesn't bode well on the blending side of things.  I will reserve judgement until I use it on my eyes but I'm a bit tentative at the moment!

What are your thoughts on Nars Mekong?

I hope you guys were all glued to the Oscars as much as I was????

I always love to watch the parade of dresses and check out everyone's makeup!  The most effortless, flawless and most beautiful makeup I saw was on Jennifer Lawrence...

Hair envy alert! Her outfit was VERY simple but she just looked incredible.

And my favourite dress? Well, it has to be Halle Berry in Marchesa! She looked amazing!

What were your favourite makeup looks and dresses?

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