Friday, February 11, 2011

Brett Favre To Appear On Dancing With The Stars?

Now that Brett Favre has finally retired from the National Football Leaguge, he can now worry about the more important things in life.

Mainly, possibly being a cast member on ABC's twelfth season of, "Dancing with the Stars".

We get more from Sentinel Sports Now:

Brett Favre could be serious about retiring from the NFL this time if the latest Favre “buzz” news is true.

Word is spreading fast on the web that Brett Favre is a potential contestant for Season 12 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, set to air March 21. Dancing with the Stars has become a popular launching pad for retired or soon-to-be retired NFL stars seeking careers in the public eye. Chad Ochocinco, Emmitt Smith, Kurt Warner, Jerry Rice and Warren Sapp have all been contestants on the show.

There’s no official confirmation yet from either Favre or ABC’s camps yet.
If this is true, it might be interesting how the show would deal with the sexting scandal if he does become a cast member.

However, if Favre does become a cast member, I'm just waiting for his take on the Viennese Waltz.

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