Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liparazzi's Favourites: L'Oreal & A New Girl Crush

So it's time for another post to highlight which products I use the most and love from different brands.  This week the spotlight is on L'Oreal.

The L'Oreal Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing Primer is without doubt the best primer I own because it single-handedly smoothes out my complexion, evens out my skintone, helps my foundation application and makes my makeup last longer.  Put in the simplest terms...it just makes my skin look flawless after I have applied my makeup.  I love the marshmallow, spongey consistency as it's unlike any other primer I have tried.  You only need a very small amount and it's best to apply a very thin layer, blending thoroughly.  I highly recommend this if you are looking to try an affordable and effective primer.

I always like to prime my eyelashes before applying mascara to ensure I get the thickest, fullest lashes possible.  My lash primer of choice is the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Lash Primer.  Some lash primers can actually make mascara application tricky when they dry too quickly and you end up with the dreaded spidery look.  However, this primer stays tacky long enough to pop any mascara over the top and create really fluttery, full lashes.  I only apply one layer of the primer and it's important to wiggle it into the roots of the lashes to make sure you are getting the best results.  I am rubbish at applying false lashes so I really depend on products like these to make the most of my natural lashes!

Together with Maxfactor Calorie 2000 mascara, I think L'Oreal's Voluminous Carbon Black mascara is one of the very best drugstore affordable mascaras.  It gives a whole load of volume in just two coats and when layered over the L'Oreal Lash Primer, it makes a huge difference and really opens my eyes up.  I don't apply this mascara to my bottom lashes because I find it can smudge slightly in the outer corners but it's perfect if you just like mascara on your top lashes.  This mascara never flakes on me and it creates that separated, volumised look that I love.  This is also a big favourite of Tali over at The Gloss Goss, you can read her post about it here.

I really like the L'Oreal Color Appeal Platinum and Holographic Eyeshadows because they have amazing pigmentation, they blend out beautifully, they have the prettiest sheen to them and they really last.  These two shades above (Real Silver 150 & Astral Taupe 115) are the perfect base for a smokey eye or a warm toned, summery look.  Love them!

L'Oreal Glam Shine Glosses are a fantastic example of a line of lip products which are totally accessible, affordable and with a wide range of colours to suit everyone.  I have shown my favourite shades above (the first three are Glam Shine Reflection and the last two are Glam Shine Natural Glow).  I love the shape of the applicator and the fact that there are different finishes to all the shades. 

The first three shades above are sheer and juicy looking with teeny tiny shimmer particles, whilst the Natural Glow glosses have more of a pearlised finish.  The jucier shades are PERFECT colours for summer, the peach would look amazing against a tan!

When I get dressed up and go somewhere special or on a girl's night out, I like to look really polished.  This applies to my makeup, my hair and my skin.  When it comes to the skin on their bodies, almost everyone has uneven skintone, blemishes, scars and visible veins.  I have always used fake tan to even out my skintone but I wanted the look that girl's had in photoshoots and music videos.  That means applying some kind of body foundation and/or illuminating products to make your skin look flawless all over.  I love Mac's Face and Body Foundation for use on my legs, together with Mac Strobe Cream down my thighs and shins to make them look slimmer.  BUT a great drugstore alternative to that is L'Oreal's Glam Bronze Micro-Fine Foundation Spray for legs.  I find that these sprays can cause a whole load of mess so I spray it directly into my hands and blend it in.  This product is only £9.99 for a 150ml can so it's alot more affordable than buying a Mac product on a regular basis (which is £23.50).  You can just use any highlighter down your legs to make them look slender.   This product makes you legs look absolutely flawless!

Similarly, the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel Bronzed Glow is a great product when you need a serious tan boost on your legs/body.  You can just quickly apply it, blend it and it just washes off at the end of the night but be careful if it's raining outside! You don't want it running down your legs...that would be a SLIGHT giveaway!ha ha.  This is my emergency product when my legs are looking sad and pasty.

So those are my favourite L'Oreal products! I would love to know if you have any recommendations for this brand?

I officially have a new girl crush in the form of Emily DiDonato, a 20 year old American model who has featured in campaigns for Maybelline, Vistoria's Secret, Guess, Ralph Lauren and in 2010 she became the face of Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia perfume.

She is of Irish and Italian ancestry which lend her an exotic look!  Her electric blue eyes are just incredible and look amazing against her brunette locks and olive skin.

I absolutely LOVE this makeup....

I was listening to this song last night when I was in a really chilled out mood.  It's one of those tunes that is PERFECT for when you are in the bath or on a sunday afternoon while you're milling around the house doing nothing much.  It's by a singer called Rumer and the song is called 'Slow'.  I love how she sounds like Karen Carpenter and Dusty Springfield.

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