Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day and a Product Rave!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day. I have really been enjoying seeing what everyone is up to.

But also, I just wanted to say, that for all the single girls out there, the best thing you can do on a day like today is pamper yourself, go out with your fabulous pals or just do something that you enjoy. There's alot of pressure on single people every year this day to be with someone. Some people treat it like a competition to prove that they are loved the most. But it's fine if you are quite happy on your own. Everyone is different. No one should need another person to COMPLETE them (that saying kinda bugs me). Your partner should be someone that you learn things from, have fun with and ultimately, they just make life even better. Some people find this in platonic love with a friend, a sibling etc so maybe St Valentine's shouldn't be about couples, it should just be about love in general and appreciating your loved ones. I think we all need to be reminded once in a while, take stock and count our blessings.

I was a very lucky girl because even though I wasn't expecting any presents at all, Chris got me some Dior Hypnotic Poison perfume and body lotion in a lovely makeup bag...he knows me so well!...The perfume has a lovely sweet spicy scent that's light enough to wear in the daytime...
Right, on to the product rave which is about Estee Lauder Daywear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser Sheer Tint Release Formula (yes, it has a veeeerrrrryy long title.ha ha). I have been using the Daywear Plus Cream for the last couple of months (although I use it as a night cream as it's quite intensive). That has worked wonders for my skin (post will come on that soon). However, THIS formula is perfect for daytime and would be AMAZING to use in the summer or on holiday. The formula is alot lighter and to be honest, it's just plain cool! Let me explain why...
Not only does this moisturiser have the same protection properties as the normal Daywear Cream to shield against pollution, dehydration, UV rays, free radicals etc but it has anti oxidants that help to keep your skin clear and healthy. It blends into the skin so well and doesn't leave it feeling slimy or tacky.I will just quickly list the main points to note about this moisturiser:
  • It contains potent anti-oxidant ingredients like pure White Tea, South African Red Tea, Grape Seed, Rosemary, Vitamins C and E.
  • It's hydrating without being oily
  • It has SPF15
  • It has oil control benefits
  • Ideal for hot/humid climates (don't have to worry about that in the UK!)
The best thing about this moisturiser is that it comes out of the bottle looking like the usual blue/green shade and has a refreshing cucumber scent...

But you can see that it contains tiny spheres of tint that are released when you rub it into your face, so you get a lovely brightening effect that evens out your skintone and just adds a hint of colour...nothing too dark or over the top, just a shade or two. I have done a demonstration below...
It's so natural looking! So, this is pretty much a tinted moisturiser however I like to use it under my lighter foundations to brighten up my complexion when I'm looking a bit pale. I will definitely be taking this with me next time I go on holiday because I just think it would be a fabulous product to apply when you're in a hurry but you still want your skin to look healthy and radiant. This would be a good product for those people who don't like wearing foundation and prefer lighter formulas. (Tali - I think you would love this if you don't already have soon as I tried it I thought of you because I know you have been worried about the effect of pollution etc on your skin and wanted a barrier...this would be perfect for that!).

I also remember that Nic from Pixiwoo used this in one of her videos a while back...

I love this product because it's so innovative and I could definitely see it replacing my foundation when I go on holiday. It feels light on the skin and would subtely enhance a tan.

Let me know if you have tried this and what you thought of it?

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