Friday, February 5, 2010

Diorskin Nude Foundation

As you all know I’ve been on the search for the perfect wedding day foundation that will give me good, long lasting coverage whilst delivering a fresh, natural, glowy look….not an easy combination to find in one product! Just to give you guys a background on my foundation history, I normally use Revlon Colorstay but I feel like this would be too heavy for my wedding day. Sometimes it photographs a bit ‘flat’ and I want to look more natural on my big day. I decided to buy a couple of high end foundations last week hoping that one of them would fit the bill and become my HG!

The first one I bought, off the back of a million recommendations from you guys, was Diorskin Nude. I also got Guerlain Parure Extreme but I haven’t tried that yet and will post a review when I do. This post, however, is going to be dedicated to a detailed review of Diorskin Nude and my thoughts on it.

I always find that one of the most comprehensive formats for a review is to list Pro’s and Cons and then go into a bit more detail afterwards so that’s what I’m going to do.


Feels very light on skin
Very blend-able formula
Luxurious packaging
Creates soft focus/airbrushed effect
Looks fresh and natural
Good Coverage (Medium/Buildable)
Never looks cakey or heavy i.e. doesn’t mask texture of skin
Pleasant, non-offensive fragrance
Works well when applied with fingers or brush
Lasts a good 9-10 hours without touch-ups
Pump dispenser to reduce product waste/messiness
Don’t need a lot of product to cover whole face
Hasn’t caused any break-outs
Only has SPF 10 so suitable for photographs
Hydrating formula



So you guys can already tell that I love this foundation and I’m so glad I bought it. Although I listed the price as a downside, I will happily repurchase this product because I really like the way my skin looks when I wear it. It creates such a lovely finish that’s dewy but not shiny; it just makes you look like you have really healthy skin. Speaking as someone who likes medium coverage, I always feel wary when a formula is so light because I feel like it’s not going to offer enough coverage for me (I get VERY rosy cheeks and get redness around my nose). But this foundation manages to combine a really light fresh formula with medium to buildable coverage which is perfect for me. I have seen comments from people that it doesn’t cover blemishes but it’s important to remember that foundation isn’t designed to cover spots, that’s what concealer is for. Foundation is only supposed to even out your skin tone, that’s all. If you’re expecting it to cover blemishes then you may end up with foundation that creates the ‘mask-like’ effect.

I also saw comments from people that this foundation ‘accentuated flaky skin’, but I don’t think that’s a problem with the foundation itself. I don’t think any foundation will cover up flaky skin. In my opinion, that’s a skincare issue and if that was me, I would be looking into gentle exfoliation and hydrating moisturisers to target the source of the problem. If anyone does have that problem and you’re reading this, then Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish would be great for that kind of thing.

I found the shades really easy to understand which is always great when you’re looking into foundation. Here’s a basic guide to the Diorskin Nude shades:

Neutral 010, 020, 030, 040 etc

Yellow undertones 021, 031, 041 etc

Pink undertones 022, 032, 042 etc

Peach undertones 023, 033, 043 etc

I have applied the foundation using my Ruby & Millie Foundation brush and also using my fingers and it turns out great either way. The formulation is quite runny so you have to be careful when dispensing it but this is not a drawback in my opinion.

I applied this foundation at 7am, walked 15 mins to work in the bitter cold, it lasted all day at work without touch-up’s (just applied small amount of powder on T Zone midday) then I walked home at 5pm for another 15 mins in the snow. The foundation lasted through this, and what’s more, my skin still looked fresh, natural and glowing. The great thing about this foundation is that it feels like it’s letting your skin breathe and you can see the texture of your skin through it. I never thought a formula this light could last or cover up my redness, but it definitely did. The fact that the shade I have (Linen 021) has yellow undertones makes it perfect as the yellow tones cancel out my rosy cheeks and according to Nic & Sam at Pixiwoo, yellow based foundations generally photograph better.

As far as I’m concerned, I have found my wedding day foundation, I could rave about this foundation all day! I will be reviewing the Guerlain foundation very soon but it’s going to have to pull something amazing out of the bag to match or exceed my love for this Dior product.

Thanks to everyone who recommended this Dior foundation to me in the first place…you were all right!

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