Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Teeth Whitening...I need some advice!

I really need some advice on the best way to get my teeth whitened for the wedding. My teeth aren’t to bad as I don’t smoke or drink red wine/too much coffee. I just want to brighten them by a few shades so they look nice in the photographs. I have never had my teeth professionally whitened before or done it myself. Basically I just want to know the best way to go about it…go to a professional dentist and pay around £400 or use a ‘at home’ kit? I had been told about a special promotion at a dentist near me where they were offering professional whitening for only £200 but that was a one day only promotion and unfortunately I’m away that weekend. I have been checking out some reviews of home kits and to be honest, some of them make me very nervous…there’s been horror stories of teeth falling out and extreme sensitivity so I’m not keen on either of those side effects!

I have sensitive teeth, not really bad, but I don’t want to make them worse by using a whitening product that will aggravate it. I had looked into kits that involve mouth guard style plates with gel solution and also the pens that are now available (but to be honest I am sceptical about those pen things!). The only product that I think I will steer clear of is Crest Strips as I’ve heard they make your teeth so sensitive that you can’t even eat! Not fun.

So ladies, hit me back with your tried and tested products that have worked for you!

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