Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Favourite Bronzers

As I am a bit of a bronzer junkie, I thought it would be fun to list my favourite bronzers in my collection...

1) Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer - Oh how I love this bronzer! It's just perfection as a daytime product because it goes on so silky smooth, it's matte so no shimmery bits, it blends like a dream and it has cool undertones so no chance of you looking orangey. It looks so natural and would suit most skin tones as it can be applied lightly to paler skin and built up for a more intense look if you have a killer tan or darker skin tone. I really can't fault this stuff to be honest! The disc compact is probably the biggest one I own. I use it regularly and I haven't even hit pan yet. Good value for money! I really like the bronze coloured packaging with gold detailing. I also love that they provide you with a plastic guard for the pan and a high quality big brush which is perfect for touch ups if needed. Paul & Joe Bronzer in 001 - This bronzer is the palest one I own but don't let that put you actually gives a really nice, healthy golden hue to the skin (you will see what I mean in the swatch comparison below). i would say that this one is perfect for girls with paler skin because it's very subtle and just adds a hint of colour. It has a really smooth, gorgeous texture and doesn't need a lot of blending due to it's subtelty. You don't get a huge amount of product for your money BUT since you don't often find such a great bronzer for paler skin, I think it's worth it. The metallic packaging looks gorgeous with it's pretty and intricate design...until you touch it and realise it's plastic. I guess there's an upside to that because it would be more convenient for travel, given that it weighs next to nothing.
Lancome Star Bronzer - This has been a favourite of mine for years now and it remains as one of my favourite all time bronzers. I actually prefer the lighter shade to the one pictured though, I think it's called Dore. I would say that the darker shade is more suited to night time for me and the lighter shade is a perfect every day subtle colour. It's everything you could want from a moisturises, feels silky soft, adds radiance without looking shimmery, doesn't go patchy or streaky and a little goes a long way. You get enough product in the pan to last quite a while...I would say mine normally last me for around 6-9 months.
Giorgio Armani Sheer Bronzer - This bronzer looks scarily dark in the compact but I love the fact that it's so sheer, making it buildable. However I prefer to use it at night time as it contains a teensy bit of shimmer. it's not at all glittery but it creates a sheen which I personally feel is more suited to the kind of light you get at night i.e. artificial light rather than stark daylight. It gives a lovely satiny radiant look to the skin and I love that kind of glow that's soft and hazy. It's quite a small compact so you don't get that much in the pan. This product would be something I would buy when I fancy treating myself to be honest so i wouldn't be using it every day because of that. It has the usual Armani sleek rubbery 'Nars-esque' packaging which does tend to get a bit grubby over time. That does annoy me just a teensy bit...but then I'm a bit of a clean freak!
Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer in no.2 - This bronzer has a really moisturising formula due to the Monoi Oil in it which also means that it never streaks or goes patchy. It really makes your skin glow but not in a shimmery or shiny way. I like to use this product when I have a little bit of a tan in the summer especially and it just makes my skin look so golden and healthy. It's great for everyday use as it is packed with natural ingredients that are good for your skin. You get a fair amount for your money. i have been using mine at least 4 times a week for around 9 months now and I have only just started to hit pan.
Lancome Tropiques Mineral Bronzer - Because this is a mineral bronzer, the formula is even better for your skin than the Lancome Star Bronzer, although I do love them both equally. It does everything that the Star Bronzer does, but with a range of more earthy tones that add more of a cool beigey tone to the skin. It doesn't contain shimmer so it's super natural looking and I would say that this would be a perfect bronzer to try if you are new to the product and want something that's easy to work with.
I have included swatches of all the bronzers below so you can compare them:
So, let me know...what's your favourite bronzer and why?

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