Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teeny Mac Haul, Hair & Makeup Crush

I have been conveting these two products from Mac for what feels like ages and they seemed to be non-movers on my makeup lust list.  I finally decided to give in to the temptation and I'm so glad I did.  They have both completely lived up to my expectations. 

Everyone knows what Mac Melon pigment looks like so I won't go on too much about it.  I mean the swatches speak for themselves, it's a soft, bright golden peach with a supernatural metallic sheen.  It looks amazing on the eyes and I think this will become my most loved eyeshadow for the summer!  It's going to look gorgeous with a warm brown like mulch as a contour...I can't wait to play with it!!!

I had seen the Mac Costa Chic lipstick on a few blogs and also on the Pixiwoo and pixi2woo vids.  I always gravitate towards peaches and corals and have specifically been on the search for a pale coral lipstick for summer days.  I always think those shades look lovely against golden skin and it will make a great combo with the Melon pigment too!  It's described on the mac website as a frosty light coral but now that I have it in front of me, I would describe it more as a pale, bright creamy coral.  The frost is not that apparent when it's applied as you will see in the hair pics below.  It is quite a bit brighter in real life and that doesn't seem to be captured in photos for some reason.  I love this shade because it's really brightening on my complexion and a really easy to wear.  It's a great brighter daytime shade that you can wear without feeling conspicuous.  I don't know about you guys but I could never wear a red lipstick during the just feels too much on me personally. 

Hallelujah...I got my hair done today by my lovely hairdresser, Leigh.  I have been dying to get my roots covered up and also get my hair properly trimmed and tidied up.  I got my usual highlights consisting of three shades of blonde (dark blonde similar to my natural shade, a honey blonde and a light blonde).  When it came to the cut, I decided to get just over an inch of the ends because to be honest, they were beginning to look thin and unhealthy.  By trimming off the dead wood, my hair looks a million times more healthy and also thicker.  It also looks super shiny now which I love!

I also decided to get a side fringe cut in and an inch off my layers all over to make it easier for me to build volume.  The longer my hair is, the harder it becomes to create volume and movement.  The side fringe will give me a bit more to work with when creating bigger hair.  I always ask Leigh to cut into the fringe at an angle so it blends into my hair, rather than looking separate and blunt.  My hair looks a bit flatter than normal in the pics because I got the straighteners quickly popped over the length of my hair.

I walked straight out of the hairdressers and into the sandwich shop next door to pick up something for lunch.  I hadn't been in there in over a year and the woman who always serves me immediately said "wow, you've lost loads of weight, you look fantastic".  I can't tell you how much that made my day.  I was listening to Lady GaGa 'Born This Way' as I toddled back home and found myself humming away to it and smiling like a loon!  Not sure what passers-by made of my antics but frankly, I didn't care! I was too busy having a good day!  

I was doing my usual sweep of my favourite magazine websites and ran across this shoot with Gywneth Paltrow for Harper's Bazaar (March issue).  It has a real 70's vibe to the clothes, hair and makeup...

I'm loving the navy smokey eye and sharp, contoured cheeks!  Gywneth looks fab!

Her hair looks so voluminous in this next shot and I love the whole laid back, glam feel to it.  Remember being at school and swinging back on your chair like that, thinking you were well cool? It will end in tears Gywneth! Tears I tell you!  Don't come running to me when you bump your beautifully coiffed head on the shagpile carpeted floor!

She seems to have really vamped up her image recently and has been wearing much sexier outfits in shoots and on the red carpet.  I'm digging her new style.

Ever since the first episode, I have been obsessed with watching The Model Agency.  It's a new fly-on-the-wall seven part documentary series on Channel 4 (Wednesday nights at 10pm) which takes a look inside the London office of Premier Model Management.  Think of it as Big Brother and Next Top Model mixed together.  There's a lot of bitchiness, a lot of banter and a sharp shock of reality for any budding models.  I mean this documentary shows just how ruthless the business can be and the fact that only 1 in 10,000 girls can actually make it as a successful full-time working model.

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a taster clip on YouTube here or you can check out the episodes so far here.

A recent review suggested "The Model Agency (Channel 4) should be shown in schools. Not for its merits as a programme but for its potential as a deterrent. Three years ago a survey found that 32 per cent of teenage girls would like to work as a model. They seem to be under the impression that modelling is glamorous, exciting and easy. As we saw in last night’s fly-on-the-wall documentary, filmed at the Premier agency in London, it’s none of these things and less".

What's interesting is how candid everyone is about what is expected of the models and also how unreasonable some of the clients demands can be with regards to how skinny the models should be.  One of the booking agents last night was talking about how alot of the designers want girls with boy's bodies and a beautiful face.  She explained that some of the models just have bigger bone structure and she doesn't know what they expect, short of shaving some bone off the girl's hips!  It's interesting to hear the comments and opinions of people who are immersed in the business and deal with these things on a daily business.  I wonder how it affects their own personal self image?

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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