Monday, March 7, 2011

pics to ponder over ..

Breaking Bad = best tv series ever .. ! 

maddo is a legend ..


Pablo Escobar  = 'the OG boss'

El Chapo = 'new boss' (cos he's still alive)

finished reading = good read into the crazy drug cartel world running mexico ..

more unrest in middle east - we need to stop all the violence over there..

love this shot.. 

so cool  ..

huge ... want to get along to nitro circus

yeah reedy ! got that honda dialed in

 Villopoto wins Daytona SX (he's on track for the championship)

hanny after that digger that broke his wrist ..

W rooftop pool hollywood

about to read this book- review is to come ..

gap tooth = sexy

seths new harley ..

my other place .. haha

 Hunter S Thompson

worlds tallest building dubai

bosses ..

lozas tail whips are next level ..

thats alotta rim ...

ryan capes big jump bad ass..

mad mike jones mug shot miami police

my hwood hills retreat house (i wish) ..

WMC .. def going next yr !

naomi campbell in between anger tantrums ..

travis new bmx park look nuts !

pete & kate made quite the couple ..

see anthony keidis dont always have a driver ..

the black pearl ..

best movie - longest skydive scene ever ..

how id rather fly ..

KSUBI does burning man..

dubai is way ahead in cool hotels ..

yeah im the bad guy ..

a top read ...

coolest thing ever ..

such a cool photo ..

tozzi = sexy ..

such a funny show ..

pabst = good enough for grandpa , good enough for you..

killer photo..

audrina & sis (mrs. loza)

gorgeous ..

scoop dogg .. haha.

cheeky ..

fresh ..

classic shot .. all time 

wild ..

you know you made it if you have these rides in your garage .. !

cute ..

bondi bowl ..

more murdered out rides .. black pearls of the streets ..

twitch leaves metal mulisha .. look out for new things from him !

red bull are all over everything of late  ..

rad .. winch cables really pushing sport into new locations !

modern day 'black pearl'

ultra music festival - miami .. gotta get there nxt yr !

lins back with sam ..  who can keep up ?

kelly is looking good these days ..

kate moss kissing girls ?? must be in the name of fashion .. 

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