Thursday, March 10, 2011

High School Baseball Team Wins 53-0...Yes, 53-0

When most people see the above picture, I think it might be assumed that it is a score misprint or scoreboard malfunction.

Sadly, that is not the case. Lakelands High School in Texas beat Samuels High by that score in five inning game.

We get more from TNSP Sportsnet:

First, it must be noted that the official score was 54-0. Second, it must be noted that neither coach agrees with this score. Lake Highlands coach Jay Higgins insist that the final score was 57-0, while Samuell coach Mike Peña claims the final score was 53-0. Does it matter?
How dominant was Lake Highlands on that night? Just digest a few of these numbers from the stat line. Lake Highlands batters hit for 1 triple, 5 doubles, and 38 singles! The team put up 21 runs in the 5th inning alone.
What makes that above score even more impressive is that Lake Highlands didn't hit a homerun in the game.

To put that score in perspective, the Texas Rangers in their first twelve spring training games have scored 74 runs, only 21 runs more than Highlands scored in that one game.

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